Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adventure Of Sufi

Lately, my roomates and I do not sleep at night because of doing assignments or presentation or playing games or simply talking about nothing. So, two days ago I decided to write a lame short story each night in order to do something rather than simply wasting my time by only doing the meaningless time-wasting activities I usually do. What happened was I wrote down an introduction of a very stupid story and then came out with the idea of exchanging the turn to actually write about the story each chapter with a roomate of mine. What do I mean? I mean, I write the story for the first chapter, then my roomate write the story for the second chapter, and then I continue and so on. This way we do not know how the story will end up to be. Basically I want to do a complicated ending for each of my chapter so that it will be hard for my roomate to write about his chapter. We do not discuss about the storyline, we just write whatever we want but at the same time try to keep the quality of it being as a so called "serious" novel, I think.
In this post I will simply paste the introduction for the story, why? Because I don't pretty much have any interesting story to tell which explains why my blog has been abandoned all this while. Rather than leaving it empty, I rather post this stupid story of mine instead. The idea of doing the introduction of this story came out when I was talking with my roomate, I was talking about the lame technique of trying to get yourself to sleep by counting sheeps jumping over the fence. I said that it won't work for creative people. Because normal people would simply count the sheeps, but what I do is when the first sheep jumped over the fence, I will most probably focus and imagine ONLY about that first sheep alone. What will the sheep do now that it is over the fence? It will live its own life in a distant place bla bla bla... Which is why I believe such technique won't work at all. Then the conversation I had with my roomate goes on until I made fun of it to an extent of writing it down for fun. The introduction and the first chapter was actually writing without thinking which basically explains why the story and the grammar is quite childish. So here is how the lame story goes. XD
On second thought, I will post the story in a different post instead.
OMG, blogger is having an error I think. I can't make a gap between my paragraphs and even my initials can't be done properly. Owh well, I will just repair it next time when its fully functional properly again.
Owh, and yeah, the name of the main character is named after my other roomate.


EyeFirst said...

xbley......xde lesen.......
xleh publish

mizah-kholil said...

LOL!!! kesian sufi.. hahaha

and u know, there's actually a game where one person continues what the previous person said. fun though.. it tests one's creativity.

Paras|te said...

Lol, really? Seems like a fun game to try, but I pretty much do not have the kind of friends who are interested to play such game. Too bad.