Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adventure Of Sufi - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 : Words of A Fool

A small house made of timber that has aged for years remained unknown located somewhere in a country called Malaysia specifically in a region named Kuantan. Standing in front of it was a man with unanswered question with a will to find the answer. The man was none other than our well-known character Sufi himself. He stood there while analyzing the current situation of the house. It appeared old and abandoned. But abandoned it was not due to the fact that it was a house where his uncle was currently staying. His uncle was a man whose words frequently talk about mystical existence and magical entity. His uncle was always an odd person with perspectives that no one could comprehend. People have always referred to him as a fool whose words should not be taken seriously. But deep inside Sufi's heart, he knew that his words are true. Standing there gazing towards the house, Sufi noticed the exterior which appearance to be in a wreck. He remembered a time long ago when his father usually visits the house during his young age. During that time, his uncle was pretty much considered as a bright and cheerful person whom character was awed and respected by others including himself. But that all changed when the day Sufi’s father passed away.

He died due to a sickness that doctors could not cure nor understand. It was said to be that his physical shows neither disease nor injury after examined by even the professional doctors. It was exactly at that time his uncle was starting to act and think in an abnormal way as he states that Sufi’s father was cursed by a powerful evil spell which is slowly killing his soul. Everyone started to hate and even went to an extent of isolating him due to such statement he gave. However, Sufi did not hold any grudge towards such illogical statement he gave regarding the poor situation his father was in because he somehow felt the truth in it after seeing how his father only silently acknowledged his uncle without saying anything to others. It was as if his father had a secret with his uncle which had remained untold to others regarding the explanation towards the situation he was currently in. When the day Sufi’s father passed away, his uncle seldom went out of his own house and preferred to stay away from others. During the burial of his father, many came to gather and grief for him. Even the weather was raining as if nature itself shares the sorrow. Sufi could have sworn he heard the sound of tears surrounding the burial ground but from where and whom it came from was undetectable by him. It was as if the earth itself was crying, but only he alone could hear it. Time passes by and he decided only to put such memory behind him. It was there that his uncle pat Sufi’s shoulder and said “How I wish it would not turn out to be this way... If only I was stronger... If only I had that power... That magic... I’m sorry... I truly am”. Because of such event, Sufi believed if there is such an explanation regarding the event he encountered yesterday could be earned, it would certainly be his uncle he should be searching for.

Sufi slowly knocked on the door as he was personally thinking to himself how to put his question into a sentence that would make sense. The door was opened and standing inside the house was his uncle looking at him. Before Sufi could even say a word, his uncle suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled him into the house. His uncle was weirdly looking at him excitedly with a grin on his face. "Follow me" his uncle said to him. Although he told Sufi to follow him, he however did not give him much choice due to the fact that he was practically grabbing him and led him into the house. As he was walking inside the house, he noticed many mysterious writings all over the wall and ceiling which however makes no sense to him at all. The house was in a total mess, the furniture was all over the place and even some of the mirrors were broken but yet still hanging on the wall. Sufi followed him into the master bedroom and it was only there that the furniture was organized in a well manner. There were surprisingly many flowers located around the room which basically emit the sense of tranquillity which make him feel at ease. His uncle then sat on a bed that was located in the room. The bed was large and beautifully crafted as well. His uncle took a long deep breath and then gave out a small laughter. He looked towards Sufi and said “Who would have thought that this day would finally come”.

He told Sufi that he was going to show him something as he looked at Sufi in the eye and made him promise not to say a word about what he was about to reveal to him to others. Sufi becoming more confused than he already was only nodded in silence. His uncle grinned to him as he slowly reached his hands under his bed. He then said "What I am about to reveal to you... Is something that should remain a secret to everyone... What I am about to reveal to you... Is something that could pretty much give you a glimpse of explanation regarding the situation you have encountered... What I am about to reveal to you... Is not a solid material nor a liquid that you have ever encountered before in this physical world... What I am about to reveal to you... Is magical...”


Keyrana said...

wooho! chapter 4!chapter 4!

honestly dulu aku x bace haram jad lgsg. sbb skrg bosan, i took my time and read it. its quite interesting. keep it coming wlaupun ade some part aku blurr sket. haha

is this is your imagination or inspiration from daily life?

Paras|te said...

Ade lagi 2 chapter da siap, kwn aku x sambung lagi after cerita aku, sbb susah, muahahahah! Nanti aku balik aku post.

This story is the result of constantly writing without thinking.