Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adventure Of Sufi - Chapter 2

(My roomate's version)

Chapter 2 : The Journey

Sitting at the place where he usually sit, he looks at the screen. His eyes were focusing on the screen while the slide changed one by one but his mind was focusing on his memory as he tried to recall the event one at a time. Sheeps casting spell. Sheeps moving as fast as light. Sheeps that are not exactly sheeps. Then what are they? Superheroes with sheep-like costumes? That explains the speed of light that most superheroes posses but what about the magic? Heroes don’t use magic. Then what ARE they? That single question played in his mind like a music being played over and over again when it is put on repeat mode. Even after he was being scolded by the lecturer, he did not wonder why he was scolded. He was not even curious of what the question was. All he wanted to know was what ARE they? Are they human? Are they animals? Are they robots? He tried to use his logic but it was like writing with an empty pen. It was useless. This is beyond the realm of logic. He knows that if we wanted an answer, he must think outside the box. Not only that, he needs to go beyond the area outside the box. He needs to go to a place where he can gather information not only about reality but also about fantasy. A place where knowledge is not only about science but also about magic. A place where he know well of. With dedication and enthusiasm in his eye, he push his body up and quickly went out of the class leaving all his classmates and his political science lecturer in a state of confusion.

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