Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adventure Of Sufi - Chapter 1

(My lame-ass chapter 1 of the story)

Chapter 1 : The Mysterious Sheeps

Fear, restless, and nervous was the feeling Sufi ultimately encountered when he first laid his eyes on a creature which mystified him due to the broad figure of an inhuman creature standing in front of him. This creature had a shape of a giant sized human merged with the characteristics of one in which we can find in a creature we call a wolf. This creature was breathing heavily as he stared straight towards Sufi with an intention which stayed as a mystery to him. The creature displayed its overwhelming claws to Sufi as it prepared to take the life of Sufi away from him with methods that can only be imaginable by the sickest existence on earth itself. But, right before the beast managed to lay its claws towards Sufi, a group of mysterious sheeps suddenly approached the situation from out of nowhere. One of the sheep was casting a magical spell as the other sheeps were charging towards the wolf-like creature with the speed incomparable even to the speed of light itself while attacking the wolf-like creature mercilessly where it stands. Just before the wolf-like creature managed to defend itself, it was already a moment too late because the mysterious sheep already finished casting its spell bringing down upon a curse which doomed the wolf-like creature as it tore apart its physical body and soul. Sufi covered his eyes as the wolf-like creature's existence was erased from the face of the earth as its body emit a red light and disappears into nothing. After Sufi managed to get an understanding of the situation, the mysterious sheeps were already gone... They were nowhere located around him... Sufi was then thinking to himself of what actually happened and tried to understand the situation through logical thinking in which he had learned from worldly knowledge in the field of Psychology. But this is one of the situations that he himself knows that such knowledge could not explain. This was the first step he had unintentionally taken into a journey that has yet to be discovered by him.

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