Monday, February 15, 2010

AKUJI (Very Long Post)

After reading the arguments he had regarding the topic about "tattoos with Allah's name" and etc... I find it very irritating to be unable to join in the argument as well! Approve my friend request already fool!! Hahaha~!

Well, anyways~! The topic is already too far off astray from the main topic itself to begin with. Too many meaningless arguments, too many arguments without supporting facts, too many arguments only using theory and logical thinking... These kind of arguments will only prolong the argument due to the fact none of the both side have anything to say that can completely render any of the side into silence. At this rate, even if a person suddenly gave a perfect argument in which this Akuji himself CANNOT argue back due to its complete truthfulness, this Akuji will certainly change the topic by only replying to the previous comments to make himself sound smart. Then he will most probably say, "Aku boleh je menang korang sume, tp malas nk layan si bodoh, korang layan la same sendiri, chow lu". This way, he can save his own ass from being completely flamed by others. It is only natural for a person as such as him to do. Plus, this can be easier for him because I am pretty sure others will continue to give meaningless arguments in which this Akuji can counter back.

That is why I hate seeing others who only show the spirit of a Muslim but does not have the necessary knowledge to protect it. For example "Akuji, dah kita nie Muslim. Xkan la kita nk buat bodo je.." or "Dah dia terang2 kutuk agama kita, xkanla kita x nk marah?"... Well people, for a person as such as Akuji, what do u think he will reply to this comment? Of course he will say that we are being ignorant and stuff. These kind of comments will only prolong the argument. I want the kind of argument that can TOTALLY SHUT HIS MOUTH by posting ONLY a SINGLE LONG POST. I noticed that there are many people who hate reading my long post, but that is only to completely support my argument and to prevent unnecessary prolonged argument just like this one these people are having here, a perfect example if I might add.

There is another similar argument like this in UIA as well. It is about a student from another university saying bad things about UIA by saying stuff such as "UIA untuk budak2 Melayu yg bodoh je, Melayu low class, bla bla bla..". This topic was posted by a UIA student in Facebook asking for other UIA students' opinion, so then all these other UIA students started to join in and give their suggestion about the topic. And their comments really pissed me off a bit. Because ALL of them are acting like idiots and started saying harsh words about that guy and also asking all the UIA students to UNITE to protect the name of UIA and stuff.

Well, at first I am actually against those who try to protect Islam using harsh and negative words towards others. For example "Sape budak gemuk nie? Budak Melayu ke? Name je Melayu, tp kafir laknat. Nie budak KL ke? Nie mesti x puas hati sbb x dpt masuk UIA. Bodoh, dah name UIA tu International la bodoh, sah2 la untuk sume n bukan Melayu je. Brg sesiape yg melawan Allah, mereka akan diletakkan di dalam api neraka! X puas hati ngn komen aku? Nie komen dari budak Islamic Revealed Knowledge!"..... This is like the combination of all the arguments into one.

So, what I did was I argued as well :D! There is no need to argue much because the one who said UIA is stupid and stuff does not even know the existence of such post in the first place. What I did was, I lectured these so called UIA students instead. I said that as a Muslim, we should only argue using an Islamic way. It pisses me off to see these people kept calling themselves Muslim and kept saying that Allah is on their side and stuff... Why are they acting like the Institution itself is a Religion? It is handled by people, although it is constructed to teach the foundation of Islam, it does not necessarily be protected by Allah Himself! Even hadith itself is not completely protected by Allah, what makes them think that this institution is so sacred and divine to an extent that they kept saying those who oppose UIA will go into the pits of hell? This is bull.

The other thing that I hate is that they kept saying this guy is a KAFIR LAKNAT! OMG!!!! Who in the hell are they to say such a thing!? If these so called MUSLIMS who are learning in UIA ACTUALLY learn about their religion in the first place, they will NOT SAY such a thing... As a Muslim, we are unable to tell whether a guy is a Kafir or a Muslim, such knowledge only belongs to ALLAH alone. Of course this applies to those who call themselves a Muslim but their action portrays otherwise, we CANNOT call him a "Kafir". We as a human, we do not have the ability to completely judge a person's faith. OKAY! These UIA students do not only call this guy a KAFIR, they call him a KAFIR LAKNAT! Omg! The guy only mock UIA, he did not even say anything bad about ISLAM! From where do these fools acquire the authority to declare that this dude is a KAFIR LAKNAT? This is what I call, stupidity.

Owh and yes, I also hate the fact that these people argue by mocking other's background.. For example, they kept saying "sape budak gemuk nie?" and "Nie bdk KL ke?"... Wow! What if a person who happens to be fat and came from KL were to read this comment? He will surely hate UIA because of these fools comments! These fools kept saying bullshits to an extent that they are very confident they represent UIA and the religion ISLAM as well. I am a Muslim and I am from UIA, and I AM VERY ASHAMED OF THESE IDIOTS. If you want to argue, only argue about his statement. Do not argue by mocking his race, background, institution, country, etc... He does not represent them! Are u too blind to see that? This is not Islamic at all! You kept saying that you are protecting UIA and Islam and you are representing them, well, here is what I have to say... The characteristic that you show is bias, fallacy, ignorant, barbaric, idiotic and childish.

Ok! Enough about this, lets go back to AKUJI!!!! Sorry for the long explanation above which shows no relevance to the main topic. Well, actually it is relevant. Because, I wanted to say that we should not mock this guy's background and only mock his statement... BUT!! This guy is calling us stupid and ignorant and kept spreading these deviant belief and false interpretation of Islam. So fuck him, it is only mutual for us to say bad things to him as well.

Okay. These guy kept saying that he is on the correct path of Islam... He kept saying that it is correct and then started to support his statement by explaining something about Islam that shows no relevance to support his statement. For example, he kept saying that the tattoo is not wrong and then suddenly started to explain about Iman... Wtf? He is so proud of it, but it shows no relevance whatsoever... But the thing is, Iman can be seperated into 3, which is rukun Iman, Tawheed and Ikhsan. This has no relevance whatsoever...

The topic has always been about the picture of tattoo thingy... It is obviously wrong... People should just provide FACTS that this Akuji guy cannot deny and argue... BUT!!! These people kept arguing by questioning his statements and providing their statement as a product of their logical thinking. Theory and logical thinking without facts... No wonder this Akuji dude kept on arguing more and more.

1. Tattoo is wrong, no matter how good the intentions are, END.
-The Akuji dude, using his own logical thinking, says that is right... Fuck, who the hell is he to say that? If Allah himself says that it is wrong. who in the world does this guy think that he can change that? What Allah say is absolute, whichever and however you try to change that is futile. End of argument.

2. This Akuji reject other's statement because of their background...
-I believe that every Muslims should know, no matter how bad the background of a person is, another Muslim should accept his statement/advice as long as it is true. For example, a drunk suddenly told u not to drink because Islam forbids it, we should follow that because its true no matter how it contradicts him.

3. Nihilism...
-This dude practices sufism, anrchism, nihilism... Sufism is basically the good people, yes... But nihilism!? The belief that life has no moral values and moral purposes?? How can u belief this if you are a MUSLIM?? With this alone we can conclude why he is so stupid. Believing in 2 different things that contradicts one another.

4. Quranic verses and Islamic belief
- I hate the way that he kept saying irrelevant stuff by quoting quranic verses or suddenly talking about Islamic principles that shows no relevance to his statement. Then other idiots suddenly follow his path of argument as well... This is stupid...

Okay... To end this, I would like to say... To those who want to protect Islam but does not know what words to use and what facts to use to protect it, then please just let others do so for you, you are only making the situation worse.... No matter how good ur intentions are, if your approach is wrong, it is and will always be WRONG... For example, people burning churches, terrorism... Their intentions might be good, but their approach is stupid... Catch my drift? Just leave it to others who are capable of arguing...

Argue smartly, argue correctly, argue in an Islamic manner, argue COMPLETELY (to an extent that they can't argue anymore in any single way because u already argue about it even before he want to argue about it). Long meaningful post is always better than short meaningless post due to the fact that it prolongs the unnecessary argument.



siddiq said...

u weren't kidding about the title.. but then again, i think ive seen longer..

Paras|te said...

By whom?

Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

Panjang gler ko karang!!! hahaha
& U made ur point clearly, =)

mizah-kholil said...

that dude has issues. he doesnt even kno what he's talking bout, someone's gotta properly straighten him out.. he's gonna go around confusing people!!

Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

OMG!!! Mizah has spoken! =P

AKUJI said...

aku minta maaf.


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