Saturday, October 10, 2009

4 Russians, 1 Wrestler, 1 Do Flips

Yesterday, as I was online using my girlfriend's broadband *wee~! she has wireless back at home*, my roomate entered my room and said...

Qarem: Rugi dowh kau x pegi stadium tadi...
Ammar: Asal ah?
Qarem: Tadi ade orang lompat2 cam kau buat show.
Ammar: Lompat2 cam aku?
Qarem: Lompat2 cam kau la, diorang dekat tempat panjat2 dekat stadium tu.
Ammar: Ye ke? Kat tempat panjat2 tu? Diorang lompat cmne? *Bodo gak soalan aku nie*
Qarem: Kau tgk ar, diorang baru je start tadi.
Ammar: Owh, dah habis la tu kowt. Penat dowh lompat2...
*Spent some time thinking to myself.. Examine my empty wallet...*
Ammar: On second thought, aku gerak je la. Nak keluar kan duit skali.
Qarem: Kau nak beli makanan ke?
Ammar: Nak keluar tgk diorang, sbb nk keluarkan duit skali.
*Took my other roomate's motorcycle key named Sufi... Vroom Vrooooom~*

I went to the stadium and saw 4 foreigners gathering on grass.. I dunno why, but there is always something that manages to guide us in being able to distinct normal people and those who do flips.. Its like an unconscious guide that we have installed in our brain.. Well for example, they were standing on grass, and emmm... Dunno, their style I think? But I immediately knew it was them. So when I was about to park the vehicle, I saw one of the dude did a roundoff.. So I thought to myself, owh3! I hope they have some sick tricks! I then entered and sat in a corner stalking them *exactly the same way newbie tracheurs always do when they want to join in but are embarrassed to do so..usually they do some skills to attract our attentions so that we will come to them.. But I just sat there watching..* I was sitting there as I await them to do something.. Suddenly this dude did this some sort of an attempt to do an aerial or btwist launching.. So I was like, this is it!! He is going to do a btwist or aerial twist! Weee~! BUT!! Suddenly!! He did something more AMAZING and UNBELIEVABLE to my innocent EYES!! He gauge the distance from a far.. Started running.. Then did a roundoff to DOUBLE BACK-FLIP!! I was like.. WHAT THE FUCK!?? His friends applaused, as he returned to his previous position and did a roundoff to DOUBLE or TRIPLE BACKFULL!! It was TOO FAST I can barely count!! So then I approached them and tried to speak with them out of awe and amazement! Turns out that they cant speak English, but luckily one of them know how, but terrible though, its as if their English level is the same as Acap's Arabic level *cause my Arabic level is way worst*.I managed to communicate a bit with them.. Their names were Muhammad, Yusof, and the other two I forgot already..The one who did the sick tricks was a muscular dude, like a wrestler. Apparently, he IS a wrestler. So, I tried to ask them their training schedule so that I can observe them more. But it was so hard for the dude to comprehend my English, so I prevented my self from proceeding further...

The other 2 dudes are FUCKING SKILLFULL I tell you!! They are like both Sabree and Abudi combined! The other one dude was holding a HUGE DAMN LOOKING EXPENSIVE MODERN CAMERA while recording them!!!:O!!!! Well, sorry to disappoint u guys, but I made that all up! Muahaha! Double backflip, double/triple backfull, lies~! Just wanted to get you guys all excited for nothing, muahaha! Well, actually, the muscular dude only did a roundoff to backflip... And a backflip.. And a J-turn with both legs close to one another like Irsyad's J-turn.. The other two dudes? They only did a cartwheel and roundoff.. The camera guy dude? Owh, he recorded them using his handphone.. =P.

So, as I were talking to them, I told them that I do Parkour..They had no idea what the hell that is.. Poor Russia.. Then they told me to show them what I can do. So, I just did a simple J-turn, backflip, flashkick, sideflip, roundoff backflip.. And the dudes were saying "MasyaAllah.." After that, I see that there was no point for me to go through all the trouble of gaining their contact number and stuff as it was naturally hard for me to communicate with them in the first place.. So I simply said bye2~! Then went to the ATM to get some cash..

4 Russian dudes.. They believe that we Malaysians do not know what Wrestling is... Lol.. I wonder what is their point of view towards this country to such an extent think that we do not know what wrestling is.. =S..



Acap said...

btw, ape kaitan flips dgn wrestler??
diorg gune flips utk bantai org ke??

Paras|te said...

Diorang bwat backflip pastu terus pin/cover org kot, biar pengadil kire sampai 3 terus.

Keyrana said...

watta funckin fakkk

u got me there dude. nice

Kuyem said...

bapak arr,
aku dah semangat siot mase starting bace tadi,
"abudi & sabree combined",

siddiq said...

naik moto..rempit!!!! -comment xde kn mengena ngan main point post...

mizah-kholil said...

they had no idea what parkour is? LOL... russia. kesiann.