Sunday, October 11, 2009

Amir Have Gay Fans On Myspace? Me 2!

Yeah.. This is the worst one yet.. In case he changed his default picture by the time u guys are looking at this, it is his naked picture lying on the bad displaying all the way from his neck to this legs to display his buttocks.. Named BOTTOM MAN... I bet u guys are imagining what that name means by now..


siddiq said...

wtf? bapak gay.. abudi pun kalah ni..

Kuyem said...

"abudi pon kalah" LOL

zayer said...

haha,ama ade gay fans,sape suh letak pic ko yg 'hawt stuff' lah kunon kat mespes!

nyet! weee XDDD

Just_najmiE said...

u brothers are gay magnets.. haha..
do u attract girls too?.. (^^,)