Saturday, October 10, 2009

Arinah Rozhan

Arinah Rozhan

You know something? I usually have this sudden burst of energy whenever I do freerunning in a crowd or in front of spectators.. I call this "Attention-Whoring-Sudden-Burst-Of-Energy"... Fellow tracheurs.. I bet you have been bombarded with sickening-irritating-stupid questions such as "Dude, why do u climb the walls and jump all around?".. Well, why do people run all over the field just to kick a single ball shared by 20 other people in a game and tournament that last about an hour? Why do people bounce balls back and forth rubbing their body against each other just to run from one point to another and throw em in a loop? Or why do people study martial arts such as "Silat" although they face 99% of not being able to use them as self-defense in real life? Why don't you look in the mirror and ask yourself why you ask that stupid question in the first place? Or another irritating questions such "Dude, are u not afraid of doing this stuff? What if u fall down and break ur neck? Isn't that pointless".. Well dude, rather than simply arguing back by saying that other sports have the same yet more frequent injury than parkour, I will simply say "I rather do this with such risk, rather than staying as I am not improving my body capabilities to become a weak fat unskillful individual with no achievements whatsoever as such as u.."..

Well, the purpose that I mention all those questions above is that I wish to ask you another question that is quite sad for many tracheurs to answer.. Do Parkour Help You To Get Chicks? =(
Yeah, its very sad for us to answer that question, because either we are being humble or honest, the answer is still the same.. Which is "no" or "I dunno"... I believe that doing Parkour does not help u get a chick, thus it is does not make u into "chick magnet". For example, the way I am with my girlfriend Arinah. I have no intention whatsoever to talk about parkour or to even show her me doing it. Its not that I am seperating my life as a tracheur between me and her, its just that I find the topic parkour as something that irrelevant between me and her. Intention of boasting or showing off does not exist whatsoever, well, unless if dudes that have unserious relationships, yeah maybe they try to impress the chick by speaking about parkour and stuff. But mine is serious, so no need to do so =P. Anyways, the sudden-burst-of-energy that I usually have when I have a spectator does NOT OCCUR when I am in front of Arinah.. There is 2 explanations for this.. First, I have no intention of impressing her or whatsoever.. Secondly, there is 2 types of people in this world.. For example.. When we go to a circus.. Those people do all the sick tricks that is impossible for normal people.. Such as 10 person doing a triple backflip on concrete precisely landed on a chair and stuff.. Now.. For the person type no 1, they will think "OMG!! How did he jump that high and landed on that chair!? That is serious shit!".. For the person type no 2, they will think "Wow, I love it when those people do those acrobatics in a synchronized manner, so nice :D".. Arinah is type no 2 =P.. *same goes for my brother alif and sister". *The type who are not amazed by flips difficulty and stuff".

But naturally, of course she would like me to share my pakour side of life as well. She will ask me "Nak tgk Ama lompat! Nk tgk! Lompat2! Lompat3!" then I will try to avoid by doing a simple normal jump and said "Dah lompat dah haaa". then she will say "alaaa, yg pusing2 tu, nk tgk nk tgk nk tgk~" Then I will say "Xyah la, bwat ape, letih~" Sometimes she managed to persuade me, but most of the time I didnt want to do it =P. Ok, here is where I want to prove that parkour is NOT a chick-magnet.. There I am, preparing my self to do a flip in front of her as she waited to see.. Then I did a FLASHKICK!!! I watched at her to see her response/facial expressions.. She only stood still.. This is the interesting part.. Her eyes were in a manner that expected me to do more, as if the flashkick was simply just a warm up or an opening for my other flips.. I was like, owh no, do I have to do combos? I was actually just planning to show her the flashkick only. Then I said "Dah2, xmau bwat, Arinah bukan jenis ske tgk pun benda2 cmnie". Then she will say "alaaa, nak tgk2, bwat lagiiii". But then I refused =P. Well, she is the type of person who most probably would only look at combos. Even if you do a btwist, atwist, corksrew, that doesnt matter, what matters is the length of time the skill is performed. So yeah, parkour is NOT a chick magnet and it does NOT help u get chicks..

Anyways, I am very2 glad that she is not interested or amazed with parkour.. Because this way, I know that she loves me for who I really am.. So cool eh? I know I know.. I'm the luckiest person, because I receive what I myself do not deserve in the first place. Gaining something that is extremely in value compared to my actual value. Chinese people would most probably say "Haiyaaa.. Manyaaaaaaaak untung meh!!". XD



Keyrana said...

haha. bagi aku ye dowh

parkour defines ourselves. at college there are futsal guy, youtube guy, silat guy, nerd guy, and so whatever. and i am the parkour guy.

itu yg buat orang kenal aku. secara otomatik awek2 kenal aku. dan seterusnya..paham2 la pa jadi en~

Kuyem said...

aku setuju ngan ammar kot,
dulu aku ingat bile aku post video2 kat myspace/facebook friends aku tak tgk,
sebab takde org comment/respon ape2,
then bila aku try chat2 ngan diorang,
aku tanye "tau parkour..?",
most of them akan jwb lebih kurang camni,"owh, yg mcm video u slalu ltk kat buletin tu ey.?"
so aku rase diorang tgk,
diorang setuju bende tu hebat/susah/bahaya,
tapi tak berminat nak tanya/puji/komen,
same la mcm time show merdeka extreme challenge aritu,
time shuffler atas stage sume stay je,
time kita naik stage je kbnykn beredar.

Acap said...
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Acap said...

hahahaha aku stuju dgn ko...
putri pun bukannye nk amaze pun kalo die tgk parkour...
and aku x pernah tunjuk dpn die...
aku ske post ni terutama part yang paragraph last tuh...
kite same dowh...kudos!!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

babi acap. ko tak sama ngan ammar fool. ejaan nama pun dah lain. muka ko lagi ar lain ngan ammar. parkour pun lain! Fak you! lain2!!! lain2!!

siddiq said...

"I rather do this with such risk, rather than staying as I am not improving my body capabilities to become a weak fat unskillful individual with no achievements whatsoever as such as u.."..

my ass r ko akan jawab camtu in real life..

and FLIPS ARE NOT PARKOUR!! -muke david belle ketuk penjara die, pastu patahkan tengkuk prison guard kat situ, pastu trus dr bumbung pukul org tgh high drugs, pastu....pastu...pastu..pastu..pastu....(muke excited)

Anonymous said...

babi siddiq bajet comel, fuk u man.

Abudi Alsagoff said...

sidiet like fak dowh! bajet comel!! SIDIET!!

mizah-kholil said...

well said!..or more like well written!

siddiq said...

aku dpt award paling comel mase form 2 wei! mane ade bajet!

Paras|te said...

Tu bukan sbb comel, tu sbb kau gemuk sgt sampai x boleh bukau mata~! mcm ni

| - -
|( )o()
|-----> siddiq

siddiq said...

bukau pun boleh jgk amar..

-da lame aku x bukau myspace..
-bukaukan lampu..
-malas r aku nak bukau buku ni..

Anonymous said...

| - -
|( )o()
|-----> siddiq
"Owh, sorry, x nmpk, mata xleh bukau dowh"..