Monday, September 28, 2009

Here I Am, Clueless Whatsoever..

Sorry to disappoint u, but nothing actually happened. :P

I am currently encountering the moment of "blurness" which I usually go through at least twice a week. How did this moment of "blurness" came to me? Well, usually it happens like this.. When everything is fine, nothing to be worried about, suddenly... I start thinking to myself.. Damn.. What was it that I am supposed to do again? Hmm... Nothing was it? But that can't be right... There must be something.. Something's amiss... *looks for any kind of possible clues around me to help me remember or figure it out*... Hmm... Nothing whatsoever.. *rolls on floor.. weee~!* This won't help me.. Lemme see.. *goes around the room, from one to another*... That's weird... It almost seems as if I actually have nothing important that has to be done! But what is this feeling I'm having?? This "uneasiness"... Grr...

So, when I wasted enough time doing pointless things to help me figure out the source of this uneasiness feeling I'm having, I then resort to the method that usually help me towards the end.. Which is by listing down everything that I do and have in my daily life as a student, friend, tracheur, etc whatever.. Aaahhaaaaah!!!!!! Nothing whatsoever.. Hohoho.. I think this is happening because a part of me is screaming "Dude! Ur life is too simple! Life should be complicated!!" Therefore, I am unconsciously complicating my simple life.

Although even after I know this, the *blurness* and this feeling of uneasiness still remains. Therefore, I decided to come down from my room and go to the cyber cafe to go online, which is apparently why I am writing this blog.

So!! What I did was I read Azam/keyrana/abang key's blog to erase my *blurness*. As usual, his post is full of words that explains his point of view in detail which I believe can be applied to most people. Then after reading his post without leaving any comment whatsoever *wanted to leave a comment, but none worth leaving*, I then examined that there are many readers out there who is interested in his story. Noticed that one of his follower has really HUGE eyes, like the ones u see on anime. I was practically looking at them while thinking to myself "woah, huge eyes". As people can obviously see, eyes are an asset that people us as one of the tool to attract people. So, what I saw was basically a person with huge eyes with mascara to make em appear bigger as the person personally opens em as big as they could to make em appear bigger. So yeah, I was thinking to myself "woah, huge eyes". *Do not know why I brought that up.. =/*

*Thinking to myself about the 2009's showreel that may not come out this year.. Hohohoho =P*



siddiq said...

kimak, asal view ko naik 12000.. tipu gler..

Acap said...

asl ko xnk wat showreel ko ah?? nk kata laptop xda, ko dah ada laptop baru...lg canggih dr yg lme punye plak tuh...kalo nk diikutkan, laptop yg lama tu lg canggih dr irsyad punye...confirm bleh edit HD...

Keyrana said...

yg mata besar tu mungkin ko maksudkn cekodok masin. membe aku, budak hardcock(hardcore) mata die memang bessaaa

siddiq said...

sangap batang ke...hahaha

Ammar said...

View aku naik 12000, aku x edit, mmg cmtu. Awal2 je aku edit x silap aku, tp x ingat brape byk. :O

laptop aku 16-core, 1000 terrabyte je.. Entah, HD cam pun ntah ke mane, malas.

hardcock woot!!

siddiq said...

bende views tuh mmg da jd mereng.. aku nyer un da nauk 12000..

Ammar said...

Kau punye pun da *nauk* 12000? huiyooo :O