Sunday, September 6, 2009


Last Friday, I had 2 different mid-term exams on the same day. I had Psychology at 3pm and Political Science at 8pm. There were loads of chapter that needs to be covered in both subject, it was the very first time I studied for a subject a week before hand (well, not actually.. I only read through the summary for Psycho to see what I am supposed to memorize before exam). The funny thing was, me myself and the other 3 of my friend who happens to be my roomate + exclassmate in Nilai + classmate for each and every class in Gombak, decided not to study Political Science… Reason being is that we do not want to Major or Minor in Political Science, so why bother?

Me and one of my roomates want to Minor Psychology while the other two wants to Major it, therefore we all focus on Psychology only. There were loads of information that needs to be memorized, my habit of last-minute-learning was not beneficial at that moment unfortunately, =P… What I basically did was checking out my friends’ progress in their studying, I know my brain could not absorb the information at that current moment so I decided to check out my friend’s performances instead. They all had different methods of studying and they all have their “Serious Mode” and “Leisure Mode” in studying, these 3 people are smart people I tell you. Usually they only display their “Leisure Mode” of studying cause its actually quite hard to gain the mood to study since we do not have the dicipline to study like the timetable type of people, XP... But when they are serious, they cease to exist in your very consciousness, you do not see them! Yeah, they only study seriously when they are alone or away from each other in their very own space. Their brain are like sponge when they are in “Serious Mode”, everything you throw at them, they will memorize. They can even memorize the minutest details in the text book. There is no such thing as “Owh, I haven’t read/covered this chapter yet”, there is only “owh, that chapter explains about bla3 bla3 right?”. Its good cause these people can unnoticingly pressure me to study at the very last minute.

Okay, so what we did was we ignored the upcoming Political Science Mid term exam completely, we focused only on Psychology due to the fact that Psycho holds more information and proves to be more important to us, we need to get at least a B for the subject in order to Major/Minor it. We thought that Political Science Mid term exam will only come out with Multiple-Choice-Questions and True or False questions, so we can still figure out the answers through some memorizing… What we didn’t know was that the mid term exam for Political science will only consist of 6 DAMN QUESTIONS!!!! Yeah!! And all of them are ESSAY QUESTIONS!!! We found that out the day of the exam itself 2 hours before Psychology Exam…

So, knowing that Psychology Exam is at 3 pm and Political Science exam is at 8pm, we calculated the time we had to study all 7 chapters for Political Science from scratch after Psycho Mid term exam.. It requires 20 minutes to travel from the exam hall to our room, and vice versa, that equals 40 minutes.. We will need to buy foods and eat and take a bath and all, it will require us about an hour or so.. That equals to An hour and 40 minutes wasted.. Psycho exam ended at 4.30pm, actually at 5pm but we finish early.. 8pm minus 4.30pm equals to 3 hours and a half gap between the 2 exams.. 3 hours and a half minus 1 hour and 40 minutes of time wasted equals to 1 hour and 50 minutes to actually study.. Cool eh?

Minus the travel, food shopping, eating, bathing time spent, too sum it up we only had 1 hour 50 minutes to cover 7 chapters in Political Science… Not to mention the mid term exam will come out with only 6 ESSAY QUESTIONS!! 4 questions carry 40 marks in section A… 2 questions carry 60 marks in section B…XD!!

So when I came back to the room, it was around 5pm or so, I took a bath and instantly studied for 30 minutes, then my brain encountered “Sensory Overload” (Too much info) due to Psycho exam and all… So what I did was I lie down on the bed to rest my eyes a bit… Guess what happened next? I SLEPT ALL THE WAY UNTIL 7.24pm!!! Hahaha~! The moment I got up, the sound of Azan was already heard~! Panicked, I asked my friends what they studied as I ate my food… I didn’t even had the time to actually wash my face, we had to go to the exam hall..

When the exam started, another pain in the ass situation comes in… The time was an hour and a half only!! So damn limited for 6 essay question which carried 100 marks alltogether!! What happened was the minute I got the question paper, I wrote down everything I know, NON-STOP!! Dude, what did u expect? 5 pages of essay in an hour and a half? Omg!! I wrote non-stop! Towards the end my fingers were killing me…

This was the first time I studied using less time than the time I actually use to answer the exam.. 1 hour of study, 1 hour and half of answering non-stop with the information gained from the 1 hour of study itself… To think that we took it so lightly due to the fact of expecting multiple choice questions… Pfffftt!! Backfired!!! Well, not that I regret any of it… Towards the end, everything was fine I guess…

Last-Minute-Study rules!!

Oh yeah, I have 2 assignments that I have to submit tomorrow, and I haven’t done anything at all, did not even search for any information yet… Siddiq, now that is what I call LAST-MINUTE!!! XD



Keyrana said...

i dont read all this XD

EyeFirst said...

Buat lawak la lu

Acap said...

wohoo~ so cool!!!
results x effect cgpa ko lak??