Saturday, August 22, 2009


The arrival of Ramadhan... Something that should be welcomed by us with the attitudes that fit the Muslims. But I guess different people have different ways to welcome the arrival of Ramadhan itself. Some people might go to the club before the arrival of the Ramadhan, some others might decide to get angry towards their friends for not inviting them to the club, and etc.

I guess people are just too caught up in their life to actually realize their meaning and purpose of existence in life. Too caught up in the challenges in life that Allah (SWT) gave to the extent that they forgot that all the challenges they are currently facing is made possible due to Allah (SWT) itself. Knowing that fact, is it not obvious enough to simply know what we should really do is to return to Him and not curse on everything else that has happened to them?

But some people decides to become all EMO and think that life is all about him... Too caught up in it to the extent that they fail to realize that they are just simply a slave to Allah (SWT). Cursing and hating everything that is happening in their life... Everything that is happening in their life was decided by Allah (SWT), so theoretically this basically means that these people are cursing and hating the decisions of Allah (SWT), without even realizing how serious that is. This theory is only logical I presume...

These people might even go to the extent of questioning WHY are all the bad things happening to them. As a Muslim, I don't even know why they even ask that kind of question.. Do they lack the knowledge about Islam? No, usually these people have the core knowledge about Islam.. So why is it that this stupid question is raised up? Lets see~ What is the purpose of the Quran... To be understood.. To be memorized.. Yeah, these people do understand and memorize the contents of the Quran.. So what are they missing?? Owh wait.. There's another one... Quran is to be understood, memorized, and IMPLEMENTED... Oooowh, now I see what they are missing.. =]

I find it ironic seeing these very people giving advices to other people when others encounter conflicts, they even sometimes recite the ayat in the Quran when they do so. BUT... When their life turns upside down, they go against their very own advices completely... Do they not realize they're being hypocrites? A man who does not go by his own words, is a man who is not ready to carry out a man's responsibilities. So if u want to get married but ur having this criteria, do everyone else a favor and scratch out that dream of urs. You need to firstly improve urself, lets say by firstly... Keep to ur words as man.

I write this topic as general. I bet countless others can relate themselves to this topic, if u do feel somewhat connected and related to this topic... It sucks to be u then XD

When a guy is in a relationship, they take care of others including their own. How do u intend to take care of others, if u urself cant take care of ur own? Just something that needs to be thinked about.




nicely written..happy ramadhan kareem brother

~!R$y4d~ said...

dude. balik ar... lame xjumpe. nk parkour ngan ko. n wan u to teach me how to j-turnnnnnnnn....