Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jetman (RETURNS!!!)

Jetman is literally a very simple facebook game application. The game consists of your character and random obstacles which generates as you move ahead. You cannot control the speed of your character, nor can you change the direction of where you are going. It is a two-dimensional game. You can only control your character with ONE button (either space bar, or left click). Your character is jetman, a person wearing some kind of jet on his back to keep him flying off the ground. Once you click on the button, your character goes up, once you let it go, you go down. Of course with the momentum of you going down, there's a resistance which requires some effort to fly your character upwards again. This is the main reason why people lose in the game, one wrong move, your dead. The delay is your greatest enemy. How do we lose? If any part of our body makes contact with the obstacle (the blue ground, blue ceiling, and random blue obstacles in between), we lose. How do we win? Hell no! You can't, its repetitive which is why it is addictive and annoying. The moment you lose, you blame yourself for being careless, thus you play it again and again and again and again until you get  dizzy and do something else.

Yesterday, I was very bored and then I remembered the existence of this game which Mizah introduced to me years back. I looked at my high score and I was like.... 7699?? Pffttt!! Thats too LOW!! You embarrass me my past-self! So I played.... An hour later, I gave up. The highest I could reach was 6000+... Well-played my past-self... Well-played... I played the game while talking to myself as if I was the actual person flying in the game. There were several scenarios in which I put myself in as I play the game (in a way, this motivated me to play the game and endure the consecutive failures). At first I imagined myself as the jetman, given the responsibility and opportunity to save the world. For every second longer I survive, the world gets to live for another year. Meaning if I only survived for 10 seconds, the world only have 10 years left. Thus along the way, I was talking to myself, imagining myself saving the world as I play the 2-dimensional game. Some of the things that I said to myself while playing:

"I can do it, I must save the world. Even if its just for one more second. Every second counts!"

"I must survive so that the people on earth could live long enough to see their grandchildren!"

"This is my responsibility... I can do it.. I must- (runs into an obstacle)... Okay, lets do this again."

Today, I played the game for another hour since 9-10pm. I had no intention of breaking my high score, but boredom gives me no other choice. So yet again I find myself playing this 2-dimensional addictive annoying game. This time I pretended that jetman is actually a game-show.For every 1000 points I get, I will be rewarded with worldly achievements, the next thousand always better than the previous one. For example, I pretended that if I passed the 1000 score, I will get an SPM certificate without going to school at the age of 1 years old (yes, I imagined myself being reborn in this world, and my life was decided by a game called jetman). If I passed 2000, I will get a degree, 3000, I will get a Master's degree, 4000, PhD, 5000, Millionaire, 6000, 10 million, 7000, 100 million, 8000, billionaire, 9000, as rich as Bill Gates, 10000, richest man in the world. And all this at the age of 1 years old! Well, you get the picture.

Impressively, by deceiving myself I managed to motivate myself into focusing even more towards the game to an extent that I managed to overcome my previous high score! From 7867 to 8677! Woohoohh! I was a friggin Billionaire with a PhD!! Muahahaha! And so I played the game a couple more times before I decided that this will be my last time playing this annoying game. After I lose this one, I will stop playing it. So I tried to focus towards the game CONTINUOUSLY seeing how it was my last time playing it (Yes, the main reason why people lose this game is because along the way, they lose their concentration and fail to judge the next movement which is required to overcome the next obstacle). Amazingly, I managed to overcome my previous high score! I broke my own record twice in a day! 

The moment I reached the 5th digit, I quickly banged my head towards the next obstacle to celebrate with joy! (Using the character in the game of course). Now will you look at that, I am now the richest man in the world with a PhD!!! Wooohoooohhhhh!!!! Yeah.... Hmm........

so......... now what?

Yup, so I basically reached the end of the game (My own perception towards the ending of this game is to reach 10,000 score. To try and aim for more than that is a waste of time and a waste of energy, you'll end up being annoyed instead of enjoying yourself). 

This game is fun, but it isn't good to play for too long (for example, more than an hour) because each time I play this game, it will affect my perception. How so you ask? My surroundings will move back and forth a bit (just a bit), especially the monitor. I assume it is because of the repetitive moving blue-colored background which affects me in such a way. I play more than an hour, I get dizzy.

Hmm... What else can I say about the game? Oh yeah, if you intend to play it, I advice you to try keep positioning your self as high as you can because you can instantly go downwards, but it takes time to go upwards, thus you will run into obstacles most of the time because you don't have enough time to fly upwards to dodge it. 

*sniff sniff*, I guess this is goodbye jetman. It was fun while it lasted, but I can see that our relationship must not continue further... Its not you, its me.... (I've always wanted to say a cliche line like this!). Okay, now there is only one hour more before today hits midnight! Time well-wasted :D! I hate boredom :/


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MK said...

And you beat my high score too... -_-