Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Dream To Kill A Satan

I had a dream just now, around 1 hour ago to be more specific... As you know, dream is one of the most unique thing to describe about. Dream can come to you as an inspiration, as a traumatizing experience, as a flashback, as an entertainment, as a story, as a message, and most of the time it doesn't even make sense. I decided to blog about this dream of mine because it felt real... And it so happens that I don't know what else to do to kill time until 10 a.m as I wait for Siddiq to fetch me up for wall climbing (currently 8.30 am).

In this dream of mine, I was on a mission to prevent the reincarnation of a satan by preventing a guy from completing the ritual (stabbing himself). The dream was quite long, so I'll just skip to the ending and spare you the details for example me being trapped in a hall with a possessed demonic woman, I somehow became managed to become invisible to hide from her and quickly sneak myself up to kill the guy who was going to turn into a satan, and as I was doing so the possessed demonic woman was smelling all around the hall to trace me (quite pointless really, at one point she was standing right in front of me sniffing the invisible me but still didn't find out I was actually there).

Okay! So lets move on to the disturbing part of the dream. Afterwards I quickly went out of the hall, I noticed the guy I was supposed to prevent from stabbing himself to complete the ritual to demonized himself (is there such a word as satanized himself?). I quickly sneaked up to him but it turned out I reached him a bit too late when he was already stabbing himself. Being engulfed with fear that he will enter a state of metamorphosis or some sort, I quickly pushed him down, used my sword/knife/machete (not sure) and quickly tried to kill him by literally cutting him into half horizontally as he was screaming in pain. Mind you that it all felt so real and at that time it felt like the most righteous thing to do. At the very last minute, he turned to me with a very evil smile on his face as his facial figure started to change from one person to another (at this stage I already knew I was too late and the end was near). Each time he lets out his small demonic laughter, my effort to cut him into half slowed down and finally I stopped. It was the kind of feeling when you are standing in front of a satan knowing that apocalypse is near.

Then I woke up, and this is what I had in mind... Judgment day, I hope it is still far away.


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