Friday, December 10, 2010

I Feel So OLD, So OLD I Feel

It has been a while since I last wrote something for my blog. It is safe to say that my last semester in UIA is completely an utter failure in many different ways including in terms of my physical and academic performances :D. I've been spending quite some time playing games as much as I possibly can at home so that I could grow sick of it when the new semester starts and I think its working. I have to change various methods of living my life when new semester kicks in. No more playing too much games, no more excessively daydreaming, no more last-minute approach of studying. Why? Because this method is not working and I can see that it is making me weaker and stupider by the day. Well, I can't say that I did not predict such an outcome because my results were EXACTLY the way I predicted it to be. To see it for myself is way more irritating than I thought.

My failure in performing academically would be due to several different reasons which are because of my last-minute-study-approach, too much playing games + daydreaming, and also having lecturers that are unexpectedly unexpected. (Notice that I typed "Lecturers" with an "s"). I never thought that most of my lecturers would be from the black-listed category personally made by IIUM HS students due to their personal bad experience they had learning from these "lecturers". Previously I thought to myself, "Meh! How bad can these lecturers be?". But then when I encountered POP-EXAMS and biased score markings, I was then beginning to understand. Thus, I failed academically this semester.

My failure in performing physically would be due to several different reasons which are because of my laziness, my time-table covered the whole evening thus I could not join my friends practicing, and also laziness again. I tried to focus on improving only ONE aspect at time. During my last semester, I tried to improve my arm strength alone so I frequently worked my body at the bars to do pull-ups and muscle-ups. Of course, such training does prove to have an effective outcome... BUUUUT~! I learned that you should NEVER only focus on improving one thing at a time. I noticed that my skill improvements in other physical areas are remaining static and some are even decreasing. My previous semester had made me realize that my method of improving one thing at a time is not actually a good choice. There are simply TOO MANY THINGS that I want to improve in life and it seems as if my available time and energy is simply just not enough. But of course, that should not be used as a reason to "NOT TRY"... I failed to notice that I was slowly becoming a hypocrite I myself personally despise, using time and energy and reasoning as a silly excuse not to try. Being a nerd in UIA made me reason too much, its time to re-invite who I previously was. I've noticed too much "thinkers" producing lame reasoning such as "its a waste of time to try to improve yourself in things that you can't excel", "you are wasting too much of your time on physical aspects, you have to focus on your academics", "I already have a girlfriend, therefore I do not need to desperately improve myself in every way possible" etc etc....

Speaking of excuses, its irritating to see grown-up married dudes use the word "happiness" as an excuse or a symbol to represent their FAT STOMACH. "My job is doing fine, my tummy should be able to represent my happiness". That is seriously a lame excuse. I refuse to become these "typical" married dudes in the future. I will try to stay in shape until the day I die. :D.

Way off-topic. So where was I? Oh yeah, I failed physically and academically during my last semester, yada yada yada~

Basically, my next semester will consume a very LARGE AMOUNT of my TIME and ENERGY as I will be very very active in both academic and physical aspect. I think I will face a few difficulties adjusting to it but by posting about this on my blog, I think it should help me feel a bit more motivated as I need to live up to my words.

Oh yeah, regarding to this post's title. I feel so old! This is because its been a while since I worked my ass off to work-out. As we all know, it takes time for a person to get used to a movement and this can be done through repetition. So, if you haven't done any workouts for a very long time, I can assure you that your first attempt of working out would be simply SAD. Being a game-freak has its negative side-effects and this is one of them. So, I tried doing sit-ups.

When I use the word "old", I specifically mean "physical weakness due to laziness itself". I believe that the word "old" is simply an excuse not to physically perform.

To make things short, I am disappointed with my past performance, however, I wouldn't change a thing about it even if I could. I take this as an experience to be learned from as a guidance to further improve myself in the future and I do expect myself to improve very much during my next semester and so on. I hope that this will be my ONLY downfall in UIA, and from now on, my new dawn of improvements will finally begin.


Okay, I guess that should cover about my last semester aside from my new swimming habits I've been having but there is nothing much to tell.

During this holiday, we've been quite busy. :3. I can safely say that we've been to many places many times to do Parkour. However, I would only like to mention two events that we went through. The first event would be the one of the most waste of time event we went at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, not worth mentioning about really, seriously not worth explained in detail. Lets just say that a person held an event, when we came, the person is not there, :/. The second event would be our performance for the Mini Cooper new car edition event thingy. It seems that they only had two kind of performances planned for the event which includes us and the models (2 dudes, 2 chicks [When I use the word "chicks", I'm not demeaning women, it is actually a compliment really, it is simply a part of our everyday language and you should get used to it rather than put deeper meaning to it than there actually is]). One of the dude model I recognized, he acted for a movie, he had twins in the movie and I am not sure is he actually has twins in real life, the movie SUCKS big time, end of story.

Hmm... This post quite sucks actually, it is simply more towards a brief update about my life. :/. I'll try to make it interesting next time, after I spend a bit of my time getting used to my fourth semester in UIA.

Oh yeah, for those who are HS students, do you guys know how to minor in Law? :O


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