Saturday, October 9, 2010

Grammatical Error, what a shame

Throughout my life, I have encountered many individuals having great control over the language we would like to call "English"~! But its a shame really, a majority of these people I meet usually encounter the same kind of problem which I myself cannot help with... Grammatical errors every now and then... Sometimes it is not even a grammatical error, but rather the words in the sentence which are used could simply be replaced with more appropriate words. It is simply those kind of silly mistakes are silly habits that is very hard for individuals as such as us to help. After all, language is simply a habit, and habit is awesomely hard to change. Past tense, present tense, future tense, singular, plural, the normal problems people seem to encounter every now and then. =3

For Example:

I love car.
I misses my mom.
I loves her.

I myself have a very bad habit due to the fact that I tend to try and attempt to discuss my whole point of view towards a matter regarding an element in a single long sentence in such a way that I am doing now as I try to prolong it in such a manner that it allows me to construct a sentence that will be consist of all my necessary points of arguments which will ultimately form a single sentence that simply appears like a single damn paragraph.

Also, I encountered people who have great control over their "Bahasa Melayu".... However, most of these people that I know usually encounter the same problem whenever they are writing a short story or a long story or whatever story that they tend to write. What "problem" you ask? Well, have you guys ever noticed that their way of writing a story does not naturally reflect the natural behavior of the contemporary human beings in terms of both actions and way of thinking during their daily activities? More specifically, their way of writing does not naturally reflect Malaysians.

For example :

“Kau dulu pernah beri tazkirah soal zina hati. Takkan lupa? Bila hati saling mengingati, aku tengok kau dah lalai! Lagipun, Allah larang kita mendekati zina, bukan melakukan zina. Kau belum terlewat untuk bertaubat. Lupakanlah Wa, apa tak cukupkah Allah sebagai kekasih kau? Dia yang menemani kau siang malam, Yang Maha Mendengar setiap luahan hati?”

Wardah terdiam. Namun baginya ungkapan Fiza hanya mencurah air ke daun keladi. Dia ingin Hafiz menjadi miliknya!

I have a very hard time in trying to apply this type of conversation during our normal daily conversations. In other words, the way that they write their essays are simply tooooooooo "fictional" as this kind of behavior can only be seen in "drama" that includes low-class actors.

That is all for now, until then.



Waji said...

urgh... grammar. who loves it.. but then again, obvious grammar mistakes like that? i'm speechless. totally get what u mean dude.

Waji said...
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Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

I think we don't have to be too particular about grammar. as long as people got ur point it shud be okay then. I can bet even the native speaker of English do mess up in their grammar.& I think we Malays pretty mess up in Bahasa;s grammar too ain't we?