Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ammar, Control Gile Kau Jalan Kat UIA

After going through a long holiday without being exposed to any kind of academic matters, I have to admit that I felt somewhat stupid and unprepared to enter the same University I once struggled to maintain my cgpa, months ago.

A new semester in UIA... Some friends of mine are here for their very 1st semester in Gombak, which also means that I will not only just be a "Nerd" this semester since I am going to be actively participating in training sessions.

Most of my registered classes lack the existence of Male students and familiar faces. I am no longer living in the same room with previous roommates. I am also no longer going to the same classes my roommates are going for this semester due to our different interest in choosing a specialization for the course. I am Majoring Mass Communication specialized in Public Relation, I went for the introduction class of the subject and as I expected, the career in such a subject is very much exposed to dirty ways of gaining profits such as bribery and lies. But it depends on how I choose to do the job, pretty much like a lawyer.

For this new semester, I have to walk to class alone for each and every day in every week of the semester. I will only be accompanied by my friends during lunch hour. As usual, if I were to walk alone, I rarely pay much attention to the people around me due to several different reasons I have mentioned in my previous blog post before:-

In short:-
1. I am short-sighted
2. Since I rarely talk to girls, once I talk to one of them more than twice, others would have the tendency to interpret the situation wrongly. This happened to me 3x times in a row during a year of my study in Nilai. Two of them interpreted me as having a crush towards them when all I wanted is to basically approach them for academic matters alone. They even spread such a rumor about me liking them. Another misinterpreted my empathy and kindness to be something else, I myself find it sad that it turned out to be that way.

Well, I don't know about Gombak but that was what happened to me in Nilai. I would smile if a girl asks me something. But I wouldn't be surprise to give an emotionless reply to a girl if I notice her trying to create a long conversation with me. I would end the conversation quickly by creating an awkward situation even ice-breakers could not break. I think its better for people not to understand me... rather than misinterpreting me. (I would not mind if a girl were to have a crush on me, but it will simply make me sound pathetic if a girl were to spread rumors around that I have a crush on her instead)

Therefore I mostly walk to class while not paying attention to the people around me.


A friend of mine Abudi who recently enters Gombak told me "Ammar, control gile kau jalan kat UIA...". Why? Because he said that I did not notice him sitting at the HS cafe when I was walking by and I was not paying attention to my surroundings, haha!

So I think I am going to try and change my ways a bit, I will try to pay more attention to my surroundings this time around and say Hi to my friends if there are any, haha!

(A very short-post this time around, I'm impressed~!)


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