Saturday, January 29, 2011

Great People

It has been a while since I actually posted something worth sharing with others. Time seems to be moving so incredibly fast lately... It feels as if my energy is insufficient if I were to continue living with my current lifestyle... One day fully spent will prove to bring another day fully wasted specially preserved for resting alone... I seem to reach out for too many things in life to an extent that I am not actually improving in any of them. People say negativity makes people appear pathetic, so we need to apply optimism in life *puts on a yellow hat*. However, being too optimistic will also make you look pathetic in the perspective of others as well *takes off the yellow hat*. So how should we approach life to its fullest?

I have met so many great people in UIA, both girls and boys. Each time I laid my eyes on a great individual, I will study the individual intensively in detail through observation and collection of data using different methods available *it is an unconscious hobby of mine really*. I am very interested in individuals with this "greatness" I see which highly differentiates them from other people around them. People with this gift/talent, seems to unleash an aura of their own... A feeling of their presence alone tells you how different they are from people around them... In a way, it is an aura of superiority...

Everyone have their own unique greatness. Some in physical area, some more towards the mental area. This unique people in the perspective of others appear super duper extremely Great to an extent that they even seem to appear invulnerable before the challenges in life... HOW can this be? Why are there people out there born with this greatness? They appear so perfect, others can only live in inferiority.... I guess this is how reality works...

Of course that is simply viewed from the perspective of average others. Really, no matter how great a person actually is, deep inside and behind their wall of greatness lies a very vulnerable being we all call "human".

I agree that I was extremely amazed each time I found a person I consider to be "GREAT". But as time passes by, I notice how fragile these so-called "great" beings actually are. Each and every great person I know have some sort of weakness. Most of the time this weakness can be ridiculed by common others, that is how fragile they actually are deep inside.

Some people are so great, but deep inside they have sooooo overly low self-esteem to an extent that they spend most their time feeling miserable. On the other hand, some people with this greatness have overly high self-esteem to an extent that they become hated by others. Ultimately, overly high/low self-esteem will make a person pathetic.

A "GREAT" person who have a very low self-esteem, feels unwillingly fragile when they are in the presence of others but at the same time they know that such others are more inferior compared to them, its complicated. However, this kind of people often have a very high sense of personal insecurity towards their own image they are portraying to others. In other words, they fear being misinterpreted by others and they fear to be perceived as a weak individual. Since these people have a very high sense of security, only a very few amount of people (maybe 1 or 2) will actually become their friend whom their secrets will be shared with. A very fragile and lonely person behind a very great figure in the eyes of others. These kind of people are mostly kindhearted :).

Some other "GREAT" people who have a very high self-esteem tends to be too overly confident to an extent that they give out statements saying great things about their own intelligence and complexion. There is nothing wrong with their statement, its just that some other people tend to be irritated by the presence of their "superiority" and wants to bring them down. Thus these kind of people will tend to be surrounded by at least "some" if not many haters. These kind of people usually becomes very very lonely and they will definitely appreciate the few great friends who actually accept them for who they are. I guess this is common, you can see them in television dramas in fact :P. These kind of people will tend to encounter a situation in which they will encounter problems with at least one of their fellow clique. This is because this friend of theirs will behave in a way that seems to be unacceptable in their perspective. Of course they will try to cope up with the unacceptable behavior of their friend. However, such actions will only make these great people feel more miserable. Thus, they will confront this friend of theirs (or avoid/ignore), and scar the existing "friendship". Afterward they will learn a very valuable lesson about the true "definition" of friends and be more careful the next time around.

Of course there are MANY other sort of greatness out there that can be stated in this post however, the point is rather simple, every people we know no matter how "great" they actually are, they are simply human beings at heart. They have hearts that can be melted with nice actions and hearts that can be broken with disappointment. They are not a machine that can consistently triumph over the challenges in life without being scarred.

In fact, each and every GREATNESS I see in people are the result of the GREAT ordeal they had to personally overcome back in their past. I had NEVER yet come across a GREAT person who does not have a GREAT story to tell about their past...

A person's past shapes a person's future. In other words, a person's past shapes a person's greatness. If so, then how do we truly define "greatness"? Greatness can be defined in many different ways in many different point of views. But my definition of simple greatness would most probably be.......

"those who are given great obstacles in life, persistently facing the great ordeal, consistently getting up after falling down, continuously looks forward even when everything's a blur.... They will rise and rise again without even knowing when everything is over, they have achieved greatness."

Yes, I know, that definition is weak, but it is my own definition towards greatness, so in a way, I can never be wrong, heheh... There are countless people who are given great challenges in the very early stages of their life... Some challenges in life appear to be too challenging and too early to be faced by some individuals at their young age... It makes them feel that life seems so unfair and reality seems to be so cruel. Facing the great obstacles in life, powerless in every way, we could only learn to know about the cruelty in life and how to face it. Many would fail these great challenges in life and become what many people perceive as "failures". But that is only because these individuals are not strong enough to face this great ordeal without the help of others. They are misguided, alone, and could only follow what seems like the "easiest" path in life which is actually the path of "destruction".

Among these many failures who could not bear living with the challenges in life, lies a few not many, people who are instilled with greatness. These few people managed to consistently stand strong and finally overcome the great challenges before them. Slowly but surely, their life will finally begin, everything will slowly make sense, life will appear to be not as complicated as you previously view it to be since you can finally view life with eyes unclouded.

These are basically the kind of people who I perceive as "great". Those who can easily stand firm before the challenges that could make others panic. Those who can easily apply empathy in life as they themselves had gone through great unimaginable ordeal in life. Those who have a very strong set of rules in life which they themselves created in the past to survive the great challenge (which is why every great person is unique from one another). Those who have a very deep and complex personality only few would be able to truly understand and appreciate.

Of course, I would say there can be an argument whether this "greatness" is actually the result of pure "strength" or pure "luck".

Again, there are many many many other kind of greatness out there, but this is the kind of greatness I am most interested with. Wow, I have shifted quite far away from the main topic...

Actually, the main reason I posted this topic is to basically state how disappointed I am each time I found a great person, deep inside each and everyone of them lies a very typical weakness or flaw which does not make them PURELY GREAT as a whole. In other words, Great on the outside, fragile in the inside.

But slowly as I began to write about this topic and unintentionally went off-topic... I slowly realize what a fool I am to even actually feel disappointed with the fact of never actually finding a person with pure greatness. I am slowly starting to appreciate this greatness and flaw they have which makes them who they are right now... Life suddenly appear so beautifully unique.. in a way... Hmm... In times like this, I love to spend most of my time in my own world of imagination where Intrapersonal communication dominates. Okay, I need to quickly finish this post.

Okay, so in other words *back to the very main TOPIC*, we must not have a very low/high self-esteem. In fact, we should apply "moderation". Imagine yourself being scolded by your parents and being asked a very stupid question, you should never be too smart or too stupid when answering the question, you should be moderate :D. Moderation is a way of life, again, one of the many GREATNESS of Islam is for highly stressing important things like this :).

Sometimes it sickens me when people think that they are finally starting to know me and makes generalization about me when they physically meet me in life and experience my physical presence thus noticing my behaviors and actions I portray to them. I am not truly who I am through the actions I show and the words I speak and the blogs that I have written.

Speaking of this, I recently notice how silent I am when I am in the presence of my parents. This fact ASTONISHED me. I am starting to realize how much my parents actually do not know about me. When I eat at the table or when I am in the car or whenever I am around them, I only speak when necessary and answer questions when asked. Most of the time I sit in my own room and stay silent around them. How can people actually know me if my parents alone don't know much about me??

Some people say that I am silent, some say that I am overly talkative. Some say that I am arrogant, some say that I am nice. Some say that I curse too much, some say that they could not even IMAGINE me cursing. Some say that I am too predictable, some say that they don't understand me. Some say that I am hardworking, some say that I am a couch-potato. Some say that I am cold, some that I am very funny. Some say "this" about me, some say "that" about me.

Hmm... I am a geek who is awesomely addicted to playing games but at the same time highly active in physical activities. I am highly silent with the people I dislike and highly talkative with the people I am comfortable with. I show kindness to those who I feel deserving and act like bullcrap to those who deserve otherwise. I act in the way people want me to act so that they can comfortably have a conversation with me (with some others), I act in an awkward way with a few others, I act in the way who I actually am to a very few selected others. I show arrogance to some and my humble self to others. I couldn't care less about people's perception towards me, but there are times when I tend to care. I have a very high sense of self-motivation when it comes to a challenge that involves competition, but I have a very low self-motivation when it comes to improving myself for the sake of self-improvement alone.

I am like an actor and the world is my stage. Why am I not getting paid for this? Lol. I hate it when I try to put everything in words. It will only stir confusion and unwanted false generalization towards me. No matter how great a person may be, they can never live alone. Thus they require and seek for someone whom they can truly show who they are deep inside and share everything they have about themselves. So for those who promote a life without a partner, all I can say is you have yet much to learn. :D



Iwan zangetsu said...

Well said..:)

mizah-k said...

ya know, it used to annoy me how u r with me in the real world, but not so bothered anymore. i mean, at least ur nice right, so might as well not complain. it kinda sucks how i wont ever 'truly' know what ur like, but its okay coz some things are better left off as a mystery.

anyhow, this part of ur post i find most interesting:
"I have a very high sense of self-motivation when it comes to a challenge that involves competition, but I have a very low self-motivation when it comes to improving myself for the sake of self-improvement alone. "

Perhaps if u focus on being highly-motivated in improving urself, it will result in u being even a better'd be a win-win situation. =]