Monday, September 6, 2010

Take A Step Away From My Comfort Zone, Thanks

This post will consist of random topics.

I never thought that a day would finally come when I feel discomfort in my very own home :O.... Seriously, this is the very first time my comfort zone is being challenged to its limit. I even went to the extent of bitching about it on facebook, can you believe it? Speaking of facebook, I find it irritating when I see guys expressing their inner-emo-self through the usage of facebook's status update over and over again such as "Dear God, you are the only One who could understand the pain that I feel in my chest..Please let it go away...Please...Let me forget her..." or "I'm NOT IN A GOOD MOOD!!" or "SHIT!! I wish I could cut off my LEGS!!!" or "I'm sorry... I miss you... ;(" or "I love you so much my hubby wubby~! <3!!!" and many more that could be categorized in the "I don't give a damn" category. How ironic it is for me myself, a person who deeply despise this kind of status updates, actually went bitching about my discomfort on facebook~! Such irony, woot!!

Let us study what is going on here... Isn't this action similar to what we call the act of the "hypocrites"? Yes, I myself am irritated to realize this fact. Back to Facebook's status update... Usually, when I see people pray to God on facebook updates or actually write that he or she is praying for other people, I find it awkward. It is weird from my point of view to actually pray for others or self on facebook's status update... Why is it necessary? Why don't you just pray sincerely and honestly like normal people usually do? But a friend of mine justify this method by saying that it is with the hope that others would also pray for them. However, I do doubt that others have that in mind when they post such status updates in the first place. In fact, I doubt that they actually prayed after or before they post such prayer on facebook. I'm not saying that it is a fact, I'm just saying that I am unfamiliar with such action.

When people post status updates such as "Sorry baby, I won't do it again... ;(", something like that. I find that to be in the category of "TMI", too much information. Why is it necessary? Human have created cellphones and the usage of SMS to provide private communications with one another. Heck, such method is also available through the usage of "chat" and "Message" in facebook itself. Every now and then I don't mind actually, but the over-usage of status updates to express their lovey-dovey relationships can sometimes bore people, you agree?

What about the kind of status updates that states "I'M NOT IN A GOOD MOOD! DON'T TALK TO ME!!". What is the real intention behind this attention-whoring behavior? If you are really in a bad mood and you wish that others give you privacy, you can simply appear offline in chat and ignore others (it is what I usually do when newbies ask me about parkour, wee~! :D!). Which is to say that the real reason behind such a contradicting act is because they actually want people's attention, awwww~

Waits a minute... Back to my "hypocrite" self! Yes, why was I complaining about my discomfort through facebook? Well, I would simply explain that by saying "Sometimes, when people want to express something, they tend to choose the nearest method that enables them to do so". For example, your mother suddenly told you that you are going to get married with a stranger this weekend... If it so happens that you were on the phone with your friend, you would most probably bitch about it to your friend (same thing during face-to-face conversation and online chatting).. If you were playing basketball with yourself during that time, you would most probably bitch about it by throwing the ball as hard as you could towards something while screaming "whaaaaat theeeeeeee faaaaaaaaaaaaaaatuuuuttttt!?". If you were facebook-ing during that time, you would most probably start bitching about it through facebook, yay~!

Owh well, lets just say that as long as I do not portray my emo-self excessively via facebook, its okay~ (hohoho)... Well, what can I say? My house is in the process of renovation(adding another room on the 2nd floor), the only rooms that I can hang out in is my room and my parents'. Yesterday my room was in the process of getting painted, thus I had to hang out in my parent's room. The reason why there are only 2 available rooms for me to hang out in is because the tiles of my entire house is being upgraded therefore making it complicated for me to move around. Still not enough? I cannot move around freely because the house is full of workers be it on the ground floor or the second floor or even on the stair case! You might think, "Owh, thats normal, so all you have to do is simply go online 24/7 in your room right? That's okay what~?". Well no! Due to my parent's hyperactive behavior as a response to the so called "excitement" of seeing the house finally being renovated, it is not enough for the workers to do their job, they had to drag us along to do unnecessary jobs! SERIOUSLY, WTF!?

Irritating Things That I Had To Go Through
1. I had to remove paints that accidentally landed on some of my furniture, but why in the hell did I have to do so when the process of the painting was not yet DONE COMPLETELY!? There's a high probability that I have to do it again for the SECOND time because someone was not matured enough to make a smart decision. Its almost as if you are washing the car during heavy rain.
2. Seriously, 85% of the house is preoccupied with unfinished renovation, why the hell paint my ONE and ONLY ROOM BEFORE the renovation was COMPLETED?? Can't you guys at least WAIT for the renovation to be completed and THEN paint the room? It doesn't make sense, seriously.
3. I couldn't take a bath freely because the workers are adding a new bathroom and the process is affecting the other pipes in my house, irritating.... Not only for a few hours, but half a day.
4. I hate the noise, not only the construction noise, but also the noise they make communicating with one another.
5. I hate the dust, I have to practically walk in slippers because the house is full of dust.
6. Provided with my parent's orders to move some of the furniture for the renovation to take place, it is a pain in the arse..

My comfort zone is completely challenged in every way possible! I can't have my own privacy, I can't sleep whenever I feel like it, I can't find a comfort zone, I can't even "think" in tranquility. I really2 wanted to go back to UIA Gombak, but the problem is I am not sure about the cafe, is it still open? or closed?

I can't think straight when my mind is not at ease, I need to find a place to rest and think, but such a place is not within my reach for now.

Now back to facebook, it is actually sad to see (usually girls) who edit their pictures by increasing the colour brightness, editing out the acnes and such. It is even more sad to see those who usually take pictures using only ONE SINGLE post over and over again. Of course the horny guys out there would compliment them like crazy, but to what extent? Imagine if the girl suddenly decided to go with a dude she met online.... Imagine the shock that the poor guy have to go through! Most probably "OMG! You're face is full of acne!!! I've never seen this ugly side of you!!" I wanted to write a different reaction. but I fear that might appear racist, lol. Usually this kind of girls usually speak in a retarded way such as "Essshh, fown kte rosak laaa, sedeyh la cmnieee~ ;(("... I know that these kind of people are excited with the fact that if they open their eyes REAL WIDE and pose in a certain position, if they take a picture and edit2 some more, they can actually appear very attractive! But seeerriooouussslllyyyy? :O.....

Speaking of guys who approach girls in a very desperate manner through the usage of internet, i find that to be Super Sad~! I mean seriously, even if the guy managed to flirt with the girl, the fact that such approach is Sad will not be changed. Imagine if a person suddenly asked "How did you guys romantically found each other? :D", the response would be "We met through internet, he was flirting all over me".. "Uhuh... Thats... Uh... Romantic..."...

Speaking of facebook, the holiday I spent playing facebook application's game such as Mafia Warz and Ninja Warz... Now it is really starting to piss me off a bit... Every day there would be random people adding me and sending me message asking me "How the hell did you managed to get to such a HIGH LEVEL!? :O" or "You must be a HACKER!!!".... First of all, I would like to say that Ninja Warz and Mafia Warz is the only game that I played on facebook without manipulating the game's system :D. What do I mean manipulating? For example, in Restaurant City, you can simply level up and get money easily by creating new accounts and then send gifts to your account :3... In mafia warz and Ninja warz on the other hand, I simply use brain and tactic that I must say, WEIRD because others couldn't figure out.... In Mafia warz I could level up as much as I can as long as I click continuously since my energy is limitless. In ninja warz however requires a different strategy, but I quit playing the game since UIA started. Lets just say that in Ninja Warz, I could easily become the globally top no 1 player in the game, yesh, I'm that awesome when it comes to games~! Hohoho~!

Now lets talk about UIA. Speaking of UIA, my JPA application got rejected. My reaction? Owh well, this is all part of fate. I am now a full-time-squatter in UIA, I am so proud of myself oh yeah! By the way, the LAN connection at Mahallah Siddiq is awesome, I can play dota every night if I wanted to but the best thing is the fact that I could easily copy movies and series that others have spent weeks and even months downloading. Weee~!

Ramadhan has really managed to put a stop to my exercise. My body is getting TOO thin, NOT good.. After Ramadhan I will continue with my training and workouts provided with frequent consumption of food.

Speaking of parkour, we should be releasing a new video by the end of raya, I'm not so sure how it will turn up to be though, quite funny for me I think, haha. Anyways, the recording session should take place today, if the video were to be completed, I will straight away post it here. :D

I think that should be it for now. I will try to find a more specific topic next time. I simply can't focus right now, renovation sucks ass~!


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