Monday, May 17, 2010

An Angel Told Me A Story (Part 2)

This is going to be a long post, sorry~!

Too many things have occurred around me lately... I am having a difficulty to actually spend some of my free time to blog about it because I am too tired to do so most of the time... Well, obviously that is just an excuse I usually come up with to get rid of the sense of guilt I feel from time to time due to the fact that I did not update my blog as frequently as I should and could. I am currently having an irritating discomfort feeling each time I write down a sentence... I read it again and again, but still I do not know what is wrong with the sentence... Even after doing so, I still feel there is something wrong with them... This irritating feeling of discomfort arises each and every time I write down a sentence... I fear it may be due to my grammar and vocabulary getting worse because I have not written down anything for a long time... Or maybe it is just because I have not written down anything for a long time hence making me feel unfamiliar doing so... Or maybe this is all just a dream I am in and everything I have written down will be lost when I wake up... Which also means I have to write down everything all over again once I am awake! NoooOOooOoooOO!! Okay, enough of that, lets move on shall we?

Truth be told, I am actually still quite lazy to update my blog... But apparently some people told me to update them...

Anonymous Person#1 : Hey, it is time for you to update ur blog!
Anonymous Person#2 : Weyh, ckp nk update blog kau! Penipu!
Anonymous Person#3 : Ammar, update la blog! Nk baca! Nk baca!

I have different reactions to each of these people's statement, but ultimately it made me believe that it is about time for me to update my blog for real. Lately I use most of my free time to watch youtube. More specifically, I watch all the videos this guy named "Winekone" post on youtube. For those who are not familiar with these kind of "Vlog", I think you guys should check it out. If you are a little kid or the innocent type of people, I suggest you guys check out the videos from "nigahiga". He is currently the no 1 on youtube being subcribed. If you guys are a bit weird, then I suggest you guys watch the "Winekone". If you guys are completely RETARDED, then I suggest you guys watch all the retarded videos posted by "Fred".... Seriously, I hate his videos... Its irritating...

Anyways, another reason why I decided to post something is because TOO many things has occurred lately! In order to write down about them would actually require me to write in multiple posts... It is ironic because this is also why I am too lazy to start blogging again because I do not know even where to begin... I mean seriously...

1.My encounter with the new-found sport called "Parking" which is apparently and technically a part of Parkour, so it was easy for us to relate. Interesting stuff.

2.The Kementerian Belia Sukan "Hari Belia" thingy show that lasted for 3 long days... What about it? We are practically a part of it and we had to do shows and also performances for some of the Ministers in the event. We did good because the Ministers were impressed by it to an extent that they stood up from their seats just to watch us. They gave us the highest rating amongst other events. Because of that, we were requested to do the show again personally for the Prime Minister which we did. It would really be sad if you guys do not know what is Parkour... Because even the Prime Minister himself know what Parkour is! How do I know about this? Well, he mentioned about Parkour in his briefing, which I believe is awesome because there was no need for him to do so and he mentioned about it in a positive way.

3.I am now officially sun-burned!!! Because of the KBS event.

4.My worst migraine in my life.... I encountered it from 7pm to 2am. It became much more terribly worse from 2am to 4am... The more I sit and the more I lie down, the more it hurts... I felt like vomiting, I tried vomiting, but I can't... I had to practically walk in the middle of the night like an idiot just to calm myself down. I woke up 6.30am in the morning and I had to prepare myself to go and continue my one whole day of performance for the KBS event thingy... It was a struggle, yes it was... But I was cool enough to hide it from others.

5.I fell down painfully hands first, elbow second, shoulder third, back fourth.. On concrete from a vaulting box... Well, I was following behind my brother, he jumped onto the vaulting box and did a flip downwards. I was following very closely to him as I assumed he would continue running after landing his flip. As I was about to initiate my flip downwards, I noticed he was still standing there on the ground where he landed and he did not notice I was behind him. I was already in a horizontal position and I also already jumped a "bit". If I were to continue jumping higher and continue my flip, I would most probably end up kicking my brother. If I did not jump but still continued to flip, I will still kick my brother. So in the end I decided to dive down like an idiot and fell mercilessly on the concrete floor... Luckily it was not during a show, we were simply hanging out to kill time during that moment. When I fell, all of my friends laughed at me. My friend with a camcorder laughed as he recorded me rolling on the floor laughing with them as well. I did so in order to maintain my cool appearance as I pointed towards Amir and said "Why didn't u mooooveeeeeeeeee~". I then quickly got up, went onto the vaulting box to do it again just to show others that the fall was nothing and that Parkour is not a dangerous sport. But my right hand was seriously in pain at that time, I could not move it much and it was practically shivering in pain a bit. But I did the flip anyways and ended up landing in an awkward way because I was not able to swing my right hand like I usually do because it was basically injured thus making my flip look awkward. Then everyone continued laughing as I move along as if the fall was not painful at all... Truth be told... IT HURTS!!! I had to rest for 3 whole days and still I am having a painful reaction when I move my right hand, at least its WAY better than how it felt 3 days ago. I think it would require me another week to fully recover...

These are some of the things I wanted to write down but VOILA~! I summarized them just like that!! Heheheheheh!! Well, not really, there are still WAAAY many more other things that I want to blog about and many other details that I left out......... Not to mention that next week I will attend the "Youth 2010" event thingy to do half an hour performance at PWTC, I wonder if I have the time to actually blog about all these things in detail?...................... Let's not think about that for now shall we? Let the future "ME" worry about that!!! (If my readers do not ask me to write about them, then I will most probably "ignore" writing about it then, hohohohoho~!)

Well, for this post, I am still having a difficulty deciding what to write about.... But first things first! I need to reaaaaalllly explain to you guys why I was not able to blog after all this time! Well... Truth be told... It was like this.....


I woke up early in the morning. I washed my face and looked at myself in the mirror. I was highly motivated to start blogging about all the things that have been happening around me lately. I went to my laptop and then yelled "Owh yeah!!! I'm AWESOME!!!". But then I noticed... My hands.... They were not energetic like they usually are, its almost as if they refused to type anything... I asked to myself "Hmm...Why is this happening?". Aha! Yes! I then noticed that it was probably because my stomach was empty! I went downstairs and opened the fridge. I noticed there were awesomely large amount of Ice-creams, cakes, sushi, burgers, bread, chips, chocolates and all these other mouth-watering foods. But then I said "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!???? Where the hell are the cookies!? How am I supposed to write my blog without cookies!? I cannot live in a world without cookies! There is no point to blogging without cookies!". I then grabbed my wallet, took the car key and went outside. But... When I went outside... My car was no longer there. It was missing!! I was like... "O... My.... GOD!!! Where is my car!!".

It so happens that my neighbor was watering his plants and he noticed that my car was missing. He said "Oh my God!! Your car is missing!? That is terrible!". I looked towards him and then I replied "Yeah! It's terrible! I mean, seriously! Imagine! All the cookies that I have left in the car is now gone! Now I have to walk myself to the shop to buy myself some cookies~! Bye2~!". My neighbor only looked towards me in disbelieve as I walked away.

I was walking and walking and walking while thinking about my cookies. I then suddenly noticed a ray of light coming towards me from above. In shock, I looked towards the light. I could not believe my eyes, I saw something was floating down towards me... It was too bright for me to see... I covered my eyes using my hands as I helplessly tried to examine what exactly is this source of light? I was surprised even more when I noticed that the thing approaching closer to me from above was actually... I don't even know how to make this sound logical... But... It was a friggin fat Teddy Bear!! I was like... What in the world is going on here??

"Uffff!!" I made a sound as I fell towards the ground because I was suddenly pushed from behind by whom I do not yet know at that time. Before I even managed to get a hold of the situation, I suddenly heard a voice of a girl from behind me saying "Now!! Get him Chubby!!!". I looked upward and then I noticed the friggin fat Teddy Bear was falling directly on top of me from the sky. "UFFFF!!!" Again I made the same sound but in a more painful way because the friggin fat Teddy Bear was now sitting on top of my back. I was shocked... I was confused... But more importantly, the friggin fat Teddy Bear was heavy!

*Munch Munch* *Munch Munch*.... I heard the sound of a person chewing something crunchy... *Munch Munch* *Munch Munch*.... I heard footsteps moving towards in front of me from behind... *Munch Munch* *Munch Munch* I looked in front of me and there I noticed... It was the same angel that troubled me before!! It was the same angel that previously troubled me by wasting my time with her "Wonderland" story and now here she is again... I then complained to her "Oh my God! I never thought you were serious about coming back to disturb me!! I do not want to hear to yo.... What the....? Are You eating my COOKIES!?". "Hihohiho~!" The angel laughed towards me as she was eating cookies in a very "selekeh" manner. "Oh my God! You are very selekeh!" I then told the angel. The angel than replied with a spoiled brat expression on her face "Hmmph! I want you to entertain me! *Munch munch* I found ur cookies in ur car and now its mine~! Its miiinnnnnee~! Hihohiho~! By the way, the Teddy Bear on top of you now is called Chubby! Chubby will not release you until you properly entertain me!".

I complained to the angel by saying "Why should I entertain you? I have many other things I want to do. Owh well, its useless talking to you, I'll just give in this time... So, what kind of new original story have you come up with now?". The angel then replied "I don't have any story.". "What do you mean you don't have a story? I thought you told me that you would think of a new story and then come down to bother me again." I asked the angel. "I didn't manage to come up with a new idea, it is very hard to create a story... I was bored so I decided to come here and ask you to entertain me instead!" the angel replied. "Whaaaaat!? How am I supposed to entertain you? You spoiled brat!" I asked the angel. "Tell me a story! *munch munch*" the angel replied. "I refuse~!" I told the angel. The angel then suddenly showed me her sparkling beautiful eyes as slowly her tears started falling down her cheeks as she says "Waaaaaa~ waaaaa~". I then said "Alololo~ Sorry sorry~ Okay okay, I'll tell you a story.". The angel then stopped crying as she concentrates to hear to my story.... Okay... Lemme see.... Hmmm.. Okay... The story goes like this...


Somewhere in a place near you, there is a guy named Alex. He is a very nice guy, very passionate, very kind, something you rarely see nowadays. His best friend is a girl, who so happens to be his friend since his childhood. Her name is Adrianne, the type of girl who have the most beautiful smile and the most beautiful eyes people could not help but to notice. From childhood to adulthood, Alex was always there to guide her. Adrianne managed to stay single all this while due to Alex guidance as he frequently warns her about how dangerous a guy can actually be. Alex never thought of Adrianne as his younger sister, nor does he thought of her as someone he is attracted to, but more towards the type of person he must take care of. They are always together as they take great care of each other. Adrianne usually makes a meal for Alex although he frequently ask her not to go through such trouble everyday, but she loves to do so. They are now an adult and are studying in the same University. Previously during their childhood, they had another best friend named Harold. They were always known as the Trio! But then Harold had to go overseas because of his father's occupation.

One day, Alex got to know that his long lost best friend is going to return to the country and study at the same university Alex and Adrianne were in. They hang out together and talked about all the great time they spent together. After a few weeks of hanging out, Harold then asked Alex, does he have any kind of feeling towards Adrianne? Alex said noo! What kind of nonsense is that? Harold only smiled and said relax. But after Harold asked Alex such question, Alex began to look at Adrianne differently. He began to look at Adrianne as other normal girls around him and it was then that he noticed that he was actually attracted to her. He began to act awkwardly with Adrianne each time they hang out together and because of that Alex tried to reduce the time they hang out together in order to actually understand what is it that he is actually feeling. At first he felt that such feeling was not something that he should feel towards Adrianne, it was not right. But then he thought maybe it was okay to feel that way, but he tried to reject such feeling and tried to avoid Adrianne as much as possible. During that time, Adrianne spent more time with Harold seeing that Alex no longer hang out with her most of the time.

After months or so, Alex noticed that his relationship with Adrianne was no longer as close and natural as it used to be. He didn't know what to do and decided to let time do all the work as he ignores the situation. One day, he hang out with his friends. One of his friends suddenly stated that he was in love with a girl. Alex only smiled and asked him, so whats the problem? His friend said that he fear that the girl won't be single forever so he wants to confess to her tomorrow. Alex tried to change his mind and said come on, whats the rush? You better think first before you do things you might regret. His friend looked at him in the eye and then said time? Do you really think time is on ur side? Do u really think you can take as much time as you want and then waste it by carefully thinking before making a so-called wise decision? Man, seriously... Alex somehow was a bit influenced by his friend's words due to how serious his friend actually said those words. He then started thinking about Adrianne. Was time really the solution to this situation he is having? Should he simply take his own sweet time to make sense of what he was actually feeling? He knows that he is attracted to her... But still the feeling was quite overwhelming for him to fully comprehend. He tried to calm himself down by arguing with his friend by saying come on, what's the worse could happen? You might regret it if you confess to her too early man. His friend then said that the only thing that he would regret, is by not telling her how much he loves her.

At first Alex was drowned with his ego, he refuse to accept his friend's words. But as time passes by, he thought to himself that maybe he should just tell Adrianne how he feels, and then see how it goes from there. Alex told his friend that he decided to confess to a girl, but he does not know what to say. His friends were happy for him. But then one of his friend said something that actually made Alex realize, reality was not as sweet as you thought it is and that the world does circle around you... His friend said "Alex, it is about time for you to confess to the girl you like! Whoever she is! Come on, you can do it! Even Harold himself is now with Adrianne! I admire his bold personality! But that personality just got him Adrianne a week ago!"...................... The only word that Alex could think to himself at that time was........... what?

Yes, time was not Alex's friend.... Reality is not as sweet as u think it is... Life is not something that you can actually plan by taking ur time in leisure thinking of what you should do step by step... Life is something that sometimes require you to go against the flow, and do the thing that you don't usually do. Sometimes you just have to do spontaneous decisions in order not to be left behind. Left behind by time...... The end....


"The end! So how was it? Did you like it?" I asked the angel. The angel cried and then asked Chubby to hit my head repeatedly. I asked the angel "What was that for!?". Then angel then said "No no no!! I don't like it!!! It is soooooo saaaaaad! Your story is dumb! I told you to entertain me not to depress me~! Hmmmph! I will continue your story!! Okay, listen listen... This is how the story continues...".


Alex became depressed after knowing that Adrianne is now no longer available for him to confess his feelings. She is now currently in a relationship with Harold. After all this time, Alex was the one who takes care of her and prevented her from having a pointless relationship with guys who are still not matured. But now all of that has changed because of the stupid action he decided to choose which is to simply avoid her for the time being and to simply let time do all the work for him. Yes he was confused about his feelings. But was that reason good enough for him to actually "avoid" Adrianne? Whatever it is, that action itself is the reason why he lost Adrianne and only now will he learn how cruel reality can actually be. We cannot fully control each and every elements of our life, we cannot fully control its path and obstacles. We can only make the best of it, and only know Alex realizes that fact, which is a bit too late....

No matter how many times you think about this, there is simply no simple solution to such matter. Firstly, it is never a good thing to disrupt people in a relationship. But that can be usually argued by saying that you are confident enough that you are more capable of making her happy and that you are meant for her. However, how do argue using such statement when the guy who is currently having a relationship with the girl you love, is your best friend since childhood?....... Only during time like this, when all hope is lost, can a person actually rely on time and see how thing works out.... Or is it?

One day, when Alex was hanging out with his friends, he saw Adrianne. Unable to convey his feelings to her, he decided to continue avoiding her due to the fact that he simply wants her to be happy... Even if the state of her being happy, is actually being with another person... He loves her so much, but that was not a reason good enough for him to butts in her relationship. Truth be told, even he himself thinks that he is not good enough for her. However, Adrianne noticed Alex and started waving as she come towards him. Not knowing what to do, Alex only decided to wave back. Adrianne spoke to Alex as she usually do with her cheerful beautiful voice asking him why is he so busy lately. Alex only gave short replies to Adrianne to an extent that even she felt awkward talking to him. Alex could no longer bear the awkwardness of the situation, he then told Adrianne that it is much better if they do not see each other as frequently as they usually do. Of course Adrianne complained and questioned Alex why he was acting that way, they spent time together most of the time since childhood. Alex then replied by saying that it is no longer appropriate for them to hang out as much as they usually do before considering that now she is already with Harold. Adrianne was shocked with Alex's reply. She only walked away from him silently, as tears slowly flow down her cheeks.

Why was she crying? Well, most probably because Alex was her close friend since childhood. That is as far as it goes, just a friend and no more. Alex could not bear seeing Adrianne with another guy but at the same time he wishes that she would be happy with the one she loves, therefore the only thing he could do was to end their friendship. At least that could end a bit of his torment.


"Ummmmmm......." The angel suddenly stopped telling the story as she was having difficulty trying to think how the story should continue. "Well? Then what?" I asked the angel. "Umm..... I don't know... I can't think of anything... Now the story became worse... It's all becuz of uuu.. Ummm.. umm.. uhuk waaaaaa~" the angel replied as she then suddenly broke into tears due to the fact that she could not think of anything to change the flow of the story and instead made it worse. "Awwww, alololo~ Don't cry, don't cry.. You are such a bad story teller.. Okay okay, lemme see... Lemme continue the story... Okay... Here is how the story continues..." I then said to the angel as she quickly stopped crying to focus to what I have to say with her glittering beautiful eyes filled with hope to hear to a good ending towards the story...


After a few weeks or so, Alex's condition became worse. He could not eat properly, he could not even think properly... His life was messed up... Nothing makes sense anymore... Suddenly his life was all about Adrianne... Suddenly he could not live properly without Adrianne... So suddenly he realizes how much his life is centered around Adrianne and how empty his life is without her... He was hanging out alone at the Mamak stall one day. Not far away from where he sat down, he noticed Harold was walking towards him. The feeling of hatred suddenly arises as he looked towards Harold but he tried to calm himself down. Harold said Hi to Alex. Alex only replied with an mmmm.... Harold asked him why he Alex was no longer hanging around with Adrianne. Alex only replied with another mmmm.... Repeatedly Alex tried to start a conversation with Alex but it was all in vain as his only reply was with another mmmm....

Until finally, Alex could no longer control his emotion. He stood up from his seat and started scolding Harold saying "Shut up!! You don't even know what I am going through here! You do not even know how hard it is for me!!! Don't act like you know me because you don't even know how it is to be me right now!!". Suddenly Harold's eyes were filled with anger as he slowly came closer to Alex. He instantly pushed Alex towards the ground. Alex was ready to fight with Harold but then Harold started scolding him back when he was still on the ground. Harold said "You shut up!! Grow up!! How long does it take for you to realize that life is not as how you perceive it to be! Grow up and be a man already! You're pathetic! I know you love Adrianne, but I want you to know that I love her more than you could possibly imagine! You know nothing about me! You know nothing about how I feel! If you want Adrianne, then you better work your ass for it! Tomorrow is your last chance, if by then you still do not make your move, I plan to take her overseas with me!" he then walked away.

At first Alex felt angry towards Harold's statement regarding the fact that he said Alex doesn't know anything about his feelings. Alex thought to himself that Harold was the one who does not understand anything about the terrible agony he was feeling... Harold was happy... What the hell does he know... He was thinking about starting a fight with Harold but that idea quickly faded away after hearing to Harold's statement regarding the fact that tomorrow he was about to take Adrianne away from the country... Most probably because of his father's occupation. They could not care less about Adrianne not finishing her studies, they are friggin RICH enough to cover that part.

Alex slowly entered the state of thinking that night... How will it be after this? How will the day after tomorrow be when Adrianne was no longer here? Will it be better? Or will it be worse? Should he let it be? Or should he make it worse? Too many questions, but none answered... He then finally took a stand and thought to himself.... "That's it... I've been following the flow of life all this while... It is about time for me to go against it...."... He thought to himself that Harold was a jerk and he was not good enough for Adrianne... He also thought to himself that if he was not good enough for Adrianne, then no one is good enough for her... Even though he is still not good enough for Adrianne, he will try to improve further and further, day by day... It is something that he will surely do for Adrianne...

Tomorrow approaches... Alex waited for Adrianne at the University praying that Adrianne has not yet departed to the airport with Harold... Alex's prayer was answered, Adrianne was there... She was so beautiful... Something that only he could totally appreciate... He boldly went towards her and then instantly told her not to say a thing... He wants her to hear to what he have to say and he only wants her to listen to it all the way... "Shh.. I just need you to listen... I'm sorry for the ways that I have been awkwardly acting all this while... I'm sorry for avoiding you... Adrianne... Truth be told... I am awfully in love with you... I know this may sound weird, but it is simply just something that I need to tell you or else I would regret... I am just a guy, there is a limit to how much regret I can hold... I know that you're with Harold... I just want you to know, I am so dumb to not notice my actual feeling towards you...I noticed it a moment too late... I regret that... I notice... That you are the one that shaped my life to an extent that my life would be empty without you... With you, I feel there is nothing more I could ask for... Which is why I fail to realize this feeling I have towards you.. Now that I am without you, I realize... How empty and sad my life actually is... No matter how much I want to change or deny this fact... I will always be in love you...".

Adrianne could not think of a word to say as she was speechless... It was the kind of non-verbal communication that they have with each other which enables them to know how they feel towards each other... They do not require words to know how they feel about each other... But they require them to make it official... Alex then said "And yeah, Harold is a jerk...". Adrianne then gave out a small laughter. They hugged each other and then Alex asked "Well, what now? It is going to be a pain for me to rival Harold from now on.".

"What do you mean?" Adrianne asked.
"What do you mean what do I mean? You're with him right?" Alex replied.
"Alex... Harold had already went overseas with his father last night... We broke up last night after Harold finally accepts that he could not win my heart." Adrianne told Alex.
".....What do you mean he could not win your heart?" Alex asked.
"At first I told Harold that I love you, but I thought that this feeling is only one-sided... I told him that I don't love him... But he insist that I gave him a chance to make the feeling grow... So I gave him the chance... But the feeling never grew.. And now I am with you..." Adrianne replied with a smile...

Alex only smiled and then continued to hug Adrianne... But then he thought to himself... When Harold told him previously that Alex could not understand how he felt... It must probably be that he meant Alex could never possibly understand how it felt to work his hardest to win the heart of the one he love with everything he got, but still his love is one-sided... After all, Alex didn't even need to try much... Adrianne was already in love with him from the start....

The End...


"Awwwww~~~!!! Soooo sweeeeet~! Hihihihi!" The angel told me after I finished the story. I then said "Whaaat?? Don't you feel sad for Harold?? I purposely make it that way so that you will feel sad for him.". The angel then gave me a spoiled-brat-kind of expression on her face and said "Hmmmmph!!! I hate new characters who suddenly come into a story~! Plus, one-sided love sucks~! I'm happy that Alex and Adrianne is now together, hihihihi~! This is fun~!". I then said "Whatever..".

"Chubby! Lezzz goooo~! Thanks for the story, I will come again next time once I come up with a good story! This time for real~! Bye2~! *Wink wink*." the angel told her Teddy Bear to get off me and return to the heaven with her as she floats away towards a shining light....

"Noooo!!! Please don't come back!!! And where do you think you are going with my cookies!!" I screamed helplessly in despair towards the angel.

The angel only ignored me as she went away while laughing "Hihohihohiho!! *munch munch*" and at the same time eating my delicious cookies....

(What a childish story, well... What do you expect? I'm awesome~!)



Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

lol Ammar!!! Finally after week(s) of waiting,,, well I only managed to read the early part of ur post (will continue later)...

It's a norm for us to feel awkward to write again after long time of 'vacation' hehehe..Frankly whilst typing down this comment I couldnt be more than wary about my language(esp grammar) no biggie...once u're active back again u'll regain d old comfort.

N OMG!!! Ur jumping sports thingy is so friggin cool man!!! N I reckon many people had told u this..hehehe

Was the mislanded @ fell critical enough to have u dragged to the hospital?

mizah-kholil said...

first of all, you should get ur hand checked if it gets worse. and its cool how ur doing a lotta events! u really have sushi in ur fridge or is that just part of the story??? lol
and its always a case of 2 best friends and a girl isnt it... :/.
one should always let their feelings out before someone else gets there first! time waits for no one.
and does any of this relate to ur personal experience or is it just all made up for the sake of the annoying angel that keeps coming back? ;p
and u shouldnt be worried about ur grammar, coz i dont see a problem.

Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

I need to start reading the sushi part Mizah!! hehe =)

Paras|te said...

Naqib - Thanks lol. Yeah, I've been abandoning my blog for quite some time. Most of the free time I had I waste on resting.

The fall thingy? Actually it was quite bad and I think I should have gone to the clinic at least. But knowing the doctors who could not tell much by simply examining the exterior, the most they could do was basically cover my hand in bandage and tell me not to move it for at least a week or so. If it became worse, come see the doctor again. So, instead of wasting my time doing so, I skipped that, wee~!

Mizah - Yeah thanks, I shall do so IF it gets worse.

Yup, these events are really eating most of my time and hence making my semester break worthwhile.

Its just part of the story, if I have sushi, it won't last long enough for it to be kept in the fridge. Or else my bro will finish it for me.

2 best friend and a guy/girl, always the same kind of problem that has no clear solution, yup.

Can I relate to this? Hmmm... Yeah, I believe I do, but not as dramatic as this one though.

Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

U shud have an X-ray done though. Just incase(yknow)..=(

Paras|te said...

Mizah - Annoying? Nah, I personally think that the angel is cute seeing that she only acts that way with the guy. And the guy is apparently me? Does that make sense? Lol. Anyways, I think the angel is cute.

Paras|te said...

Naqib - X-ray? Nah, I could move my hand and fingers in every direction, so there should be no broke bones anywhere. No fracture also seeing that there is no obvious HUGE swelling. So I think it should be fine. Thanks for caring :D

Nathaniel R. Johnson said...

Well, what friends are for? lol!
Good to hear that

mizah-kholil said...

i actually find the angel cute too, and the good kind of annoying.. like a lil kid who never stops talking, yeah that kind of annoying. :)
and the guy is you, yep, that made sense.

Paras|te said...

Naqib - :D!

Mizah - Agreed.

Keyrana said...

in a way aku cam paham...hahahaha

tapi chubby tu aku taleh nak relate...hp?

Paras|te said...

Chubby is actually a huge teddy bear la, haiyoo.

Waji said...

Woah... super writer. You always amaze me.. not only in questions but even in writing. How do you manage such a long post? Haha. Well after a long while of not writing, i bet you let all the things you wanted to say out.

Dude, parkour is super cool. The angel however, adorable!!! Sounds like someone i noe. =P Better get yourself checked out at the clinic. Just in case if it gets serious.

Paras|te said...

Thanks, what questions? =P lol.
Super writer? Haha, I don't think that lately I write as long I usually write before. In fact, I try to limit them. If I continue to write the way I want to write, I may bore the readers so I prevent myself from doing so.

You know Parkour? :O
The angel part, I very much agree. You can relate such character to the person you know in real life? Whom might that be?

Thanks for the advice, I'll do so if it doesn't get better. :)