Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life Is Life =D

Life is short... That is very contradicting as Life is basically the longest thing we ever have =D! I stole that statement from one of Azam's Yahoo Messenger's default pic. The others would be "Come To The Darkside... We Have Cookies..." and "If Life Gives U Lemon... Then Shut Up And Just Eat Your Damn Lemons!" and another one which is quite similar to the last statement.

It is always very interesting to read someone's blog entry because each of them will always have something to tell and share even though nothing much has occurred in their life worth taking noticed but still they have something to share due to they're on going mental activities of viewing life in their own perspectives in their own very way. Despite the fact that no spectacular events happened, imagination and reasoning and all the thing that we go through in understanding life will always make us feel that we have gained something and that the time wasted was not actually wasted at all. No matter how different people are in terms of lifestyle, language, ethnicity and culture... People will always have something in common that people can share with each other. It is these common characteristic that is able to attract many people's attention to a certain entry as people would love to know how such person reacts to the common event. It is entertaining to read a blog entry that we ourselves can relate to.

Aside from writing about personal events, why do people write about topics in which everyone already knows about? For example this entry I am writing. Why am I explaining about facts that other people already know of? What am I trying to prove? Well, people will always have something to share and people will always have the interest of sharing people's experience and perspectives in life no matter how common that entry might be. Similarity unites people. =D

Sometimes people think they understand life better than others because they spend most of their time thinking about it, but truth be told, everyone does that as well. Analyzing life through observations and reasoning. A method which basically makes one much wiser. However, there are still people who does not spend much of their time reflecting upon their life and how to interpret it correctly. This is how people as such as Emo are born. Let me try to share my point of view towards people as such as this. They spend most of their time thinking about themselves and the life that their going through. Never expecting people to truly understand their life as they find their life difficult and complicated but at the same time hoping that there people are interested enough to pay attention to them and understanding them. Thinking to themselves why people are very hard in understanding their feelings and way of thinking...

But, this is a contradiction to themselves as well... This is because they themselves are unable to comprehend how others think. Too cope up with their own lives that they are unable to simply understand about others. Thinking too much about their personal problems but never actually attend to such problems in a holistic manner. Why do such problems happen in the first place? Why do people react that way? Thinking about these kind of things but never actually come to an answer which is basically needed in order to come up with a solution to solve it. People who actually reflect upon their life properly, they will usually observe others. Through such action, it is then that people will start to realize how others are leading their life and how others are reacting to it. Being able to do such observation, people will start to realize how some others are actually not so smart in facing their own problems. Due to such action, people can see how common problems in life occur and how it basically ends up being worse. People will start to understand how to basically solve the problem. It is only through this action that people will start to understand how life is and what life is all about. It is only through this that people will be able to gain the important ability in which we call "empathy". To truly understand others and how they feel... This is the key of helping us in life as well.

Life is life, it is how it is how we perceived it to be. We say that our life is complicated and we are too busy with our own life only because we choose to feel that way. Where in actual fact we actually wasted much of our free time doing things such as reading manga and watching anime or even sleep. We perceive our life to be full of harsh obstacles only because we choose to believe that is how our life is instead of simply taking it as a common obstacle that other people go through as well.

There are people who loves to judge others and tell others they are wrong and try to point out facts to explain to them the actual picture of the situation. But I believe that it is never easy to do so because the "actual picture" is never only from "one picture". The situation varies according to our perception towards it and each perception will have truth in it. The actual picture, varies from other person to another, but they are rarely wrong I believe. It only depends on who is most capable of influencing others, the best person to do so will be able to say that their point of view is the "actual picture" of the situation. But even their point of view towards such matter can change if another person who is more capable of influencing others came into being, XD.

I can't believe I wasted much of my time writing this post which I believe to be common knowledge that people already know about. But that's how it is, people love to share their point of views about certain matters :P.

I'm happy about certain people that I know of who are currently happy about their life, I'm entertained by people who shares about events in their life, and I am amused by people who share about their perspectives in life... May all these will help us in perceiving life in the most best possible manner to comprehend life in most effective and positive way possible. XD

Perspectives, is something to be taken note of.


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